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>>Tuesday, March 19.

    like the sticker? if only that was true. okay...so thats my plan -- everyone has their "blah of the day" thingie with their blogs...like music or top ten or whatever -- so this'll be mine: a sticker of the day. hehe. by the way, the stickers come from blogstickers.com. so yeah...they're great! ill blog later. gotta start on my homework for comp. apps. class. im planning to skip the class, so ill just drop off my homework to swanson. hehe.

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>>Monday, March 18.

    okay, im at the comp. sci. lab again. i have like 30 minutes to kill before my comp. apps. class. so yeah...im looking at the page and shit, and it sorta sucks only b/c the comp doesnt have the font thats supposed to go with the page. hows the page supposed to look "nerdy" with the font. actually i was at first going with that matrix thing, but whatever its cool.

so far my classes sucked today. actually chem was very productive. i learn a lot. and i mean...whoa...i actually learned something about principles of equilibrium and its constants. hehe...calculus was the one that sucked major ass. i forgot we had homework, and today all we did was go over that, and dammit, i already had problems with first problem. i should do my homework. so yeah...my plan is to do today's homework. hehe...sheesh...ive got a fucking quiz today for comp. sci. i hope its easy. i didnt study for the latter test and i so BOMBED that one with a freakin 77%. sheesh. whatever. bye.

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  i was bored. nothing on tv. so here's a new layout. i know it sucks, but whatever. good nite.

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>>Sunday, March 17.

more online tests:

i'm apple flavoured!

i'm Jack!

Which Lion King Character Are You?

Would you survive a horror movie?

Which Action Star Are You?

Which Breakfast Clubber Are You?

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego?

Hi, I'm Greg Brady!
Which Brady Bunch kid are you most like?

You're a factory reject!
You're one of those candy bars that just never made it off the assembly line, or once you did, you were only bought by 44-year-old men with bladder bags. Now, if you like that sort of thing...

I'm a Twinkie!
Spongy, yellow, and an utter mystery, you're the X-file of snack foods! More people ponder you than consume you, but you don't mind--you get to remain uneaten and...er...free to do Twinkish things! *grin*

Sensitive and artistic. You're as nice as they come, but a little on the defensive and jealous side. You yearn for what you (think) you can't have, but you're willing to take a risk to get it. Once you've put yourself out there, however, you don't deal with it well. Your sense of timing, however cute that 1:37 thing was, is really off. Once you learn to not be so singularly focused, you'll be more susceptable to cues.

Wowie! You are Redensek! You are techy yet cute, and pretty much all around cool. Everyone loves you! You're fun, popular, and can mold yourself to fit right in to any situation.

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  i am bored as usual. i took another test, but its not one of those personality type tests. it was a typing test. it shows how fast you can type in a minute, like the number of words or characters in that alloted time. anyway...here are my results:

Percentage Accuracy : 99%
Percentage Inaccuracy : 0%
Characters per minute : 401 cpm
Characters per second : 6 cps
Words per minute : 74 wpm
Words per second : 1 wps
Total Speed status : Too Good
Overall Accuracy : Brilliant
NOTE: Characters per minute is important

cool, eh? i think i wanna take it again. im goin for 80 or 90 WPM. hehe...
oh, and if you wanna try your luck, here's the link.

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  last nite was pretty weird, but cool. before goin to michelle's bbq i went to pick up veronica at her house. she told me that her girlfriend wanted to meet us first at her friends house in agat. we got there and found out there was a going away party for some chick and her girlfriend. we sat in the front and chilled with veronica's friends and her nephew's friends or something. anyway...jessica -- veronica's gf -- told us to go to the back b/c all the "guys" were there. hehe...we got to the back and one side was the relatives and stuff, and on the other side was all the LESBIANS!!! hehe. at first it was pretty weird. im sitting with veronica and her gf and like 20 other chicks. but i mean...nothing happened. i ate, drank, and was merry. hehe. it was fun. anyway...i saw larry too. and i guess his choir friends brought him. so it was cool. i got bored with veronica so i hanged out with larry and his "gay" crew. what fun! heh.

anyway...we left to head to michelle and janelle's bbq. i didnt want to go there yet even though it was already like 9PM or something. i wanted to go somewhere first, like the mosh. but veronica wanted to just "check out" the people. we got to the parking lot and no one's car was there. i asked veronica if we can leave and just come back, but she begged to get down. veronica, you dumbass! NO ONE WAS THERE. we were so bored and shit. after like 20 mins. veronica was "do you want to go shoot pool?" i was yeah...so she told michelle we were gonna leave to shoot pool and then come back. i was like...what kind of excuse was that? you couldve at said, "we are gonna go to the store to buy gum." ugh! shes so weird. anyway...we finally left the bbq. i wanted to stop by the mosh and shit b/c i heard no comply was playin, but veronica wanted to go straight to buddies, b/c she said it was gonna be crowded.

well, we go to buddies, and it was SUPER empty. there were like 3 tables used. i swear. im not taking veronica with me anymore. that dork! we met up with penny and monica. they were "working" with mr. simms and shit, passing out flavored condoms. hmm...anyway...the game was fun. i had fun. yeah. after maybe 2 hours we leave and head to the mosh. when we got there. all the mdma peeps were leaving and shit. so that sucked. and i think it was numbskull that was playin. so yeah...we just watched their set. i got a call from natasha and she told me they were gonna go to buddies. so we left the mosh to go back to buddies. that was weird.

anyway...at buddies we checked out core. i played one game of 8ball and that was it. sean and jacob took these shots -- i dont know what they were but i was so drawn to want to try it. sean didnt know what it was called, but yeah...they bought me a shot and i took it with them. yum...tastes just like that gum, BIG RED. fuck yeah...that was super good. gave me a stomach and stuff right when i took it, but it was definitely good. anyway...we leave buddies to chow at shirleys. it was cool when we got there, but OMIGOSH...here comes the drama. dwayne needed a ride home and his previous ride wanted to go out to chameleons first. so they dropped him at shirleys. he begs jacob to drop him home and shit, so jacob leaves. we eat our dinner/breakfast and then leave home. so yeah...that was my nite. its always the same. fun in the beginning, crap in the end. its b/c of the alcohol, yup. damn you 18yr olds. just b/c you can legally get drunk, you take the opportunity. man.

anyway...its like 4PM or something. i should be doin my homework and stuff. yup. but nah...im watching the real world/road rules challenge. so yeah...i guess after that ill go. bye.

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