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>>Saturday, March 16.

    holy shit-o, i got home at like 5AM or something. haha...thats was cool! well, not really. the drive home sucked. once again i fell asleep on the road. the next thing i remembered when i opened my eyes was that i was on the other side of the road. thank GOD there were no cars during that time. that wouldve sucked. uh, yeah.

so i went out again. i went to buddies. but this time i didnt shoot pool. we just chilled at the bar and watched joyride. its pretty weird, b/c we saw joyride the night before @ chameleons and last week at chameleons. hehe...i practically know their run down of songs and stuff and their skits. its cool. too bad i dont drink...i cant do that dedication crap. they play a couple of new songs. like "goodbye" by incubus and "chop suey" by system of a down. im not trying to be mean or anything, but i think they should just stick to blink 182 and the rest of their old material. they really dont sound good. they even tried "upping" their act by letting the DJ @ chameleons to scratch during their incubus cover. sorry, i didnt work! anyway...i think we might go there tonite. core is playing. i know the whole group likes core. so i guess its there tonite.

oh wait...tonite's michelle & janelle's bbq in asan. hmm...should i go? who's going? whatever...ill stop by and say hi to the girls and then meet up with the others to shoot pool. or something like that. i should actually stay home and study. ive got a quiz on monday and an exam on tuesday. ugh! and i think i have another quiz for calculus, which i really NEED to pass. my grades are going down and i dont like that!

okay, back to my night, after buddies we drove around tumon, the girls were hungry so we went to mcdonalds. we ordered drive thru and then ate at matapang beach. the guy at the mcdonalds drive thru was an ASSHOLE. we couldnt hear him in the intercom and he kept saying "hah?" that was super annoying. and i guess he was annoyed by us b/c we kept complaining and shit, well, in the background. when we drove up, he gave us major attitude. i was like "fuck you DEXTER, you dumb fob!" haha...nah. anyway, after mcdonalds, we stopped at 7-11 in tumon. hehe...i wanted to get some water and nane wanted a corona. as i walked to the alcohol section, one of the clerks was tying the door with plastic bags. i was like, "sir, the door. i want alcohol." i sounded like a fucking alchie. anyway...he was like..."sorry guy, we stop selling it at 2AM and its 2:05AM" so that sucked, sorry nane.

we chilled at matapang beach until maybe 330 or something. it was cool. we just talked and shit. my friend eric got pulled over on his way to matapang, he was racing with some other guys. the cop gave him a sobriety test and shit. and he was clocked goin 55 in a 25 zone. but guess what? HE ONLY GOT A FUCKING WARNING. that is so bullshit. i mean, he's my friend and all, but thats like the 6th time he got pulled over and he hasnt gotten a ticket yet. fuck him! the cop was like. "ill let this be a warning for you, but the next time you go 30 mphs over the speed limit, thats an automatic ticket." fuck that shit. ive never had a warning! anyway...that was my nite. it was FUCKING awesome...ha...not...it sucked. i guess tonites not gonna change. heh. anyway...im gonna go back to sleep. nitey-nite.

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>>Friday, March 15.

    nothing much to write tonite. today sucks. actually TONITE sucks. my mom brought home pizza from pizza hut. it gave me a stomach ache. i know i should stay home and sleep and stuff, but i want to go out. and at the same time, i want to go away, but not drive. weird. and my friends arent helping, b/c they are expecting me to drive. and its not even cool, b/c right when i say no, they automatically think i dont want to go out. thats just messed up. anyway...its like 9. i doubt im goin out. i guess ill just stop by the video store and rent something. i dont even have any money. so that sucks even more. ugh.

i skipped my ID 180 class today. i really didnt feel too bad or anything...that class sucks anyway. i came on time to my chemistry class. it was actually fun today. i listened and gladly participated in the discussion. cool. even better was our lab experiment. i actually had FUN doing the experiment and stuff. heh. my lab partner is cool. anna you rock! hehe...i was being like a worry-wort and shit and i kept asking her if we should the do the first trial like 2 more times...and she was like...nah, we're good. hehe. whatever. it was cool.

i went to the post office. no mail. damn the post office sucks. rachel where are my CDs?! i thought you said you sent it priority mail! i felt so stupid too, b/c there was NOTHING in my box, not even a letter or bill. so that sucked.

anyway...im gonna go get ready now. maybe ill just pass by 9 ball in tumon and check out my friends...maybe play a free game with someone. =Þ good nite.

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>>Thursday, March 14.

    good morning. well, not really good. so...just...morning! heh. all night last night and early this morning ive been downloading music. i was watching senor moby's house of music on mtv and i guess i was inspired to download music. i kept looking for punk rock cover songs. hehe...first i looked for all those cover songs by new found glory, then i just started searching under the keywords...punk covers. hehe..dude. most of the songs i DLed were like cut off at the end or something. that sucked. i guess ill have to DL again.

today's gonna suck. i have two classes. ugh...and i dont feel like goin to them. actually i dont mind goin to them. i like my tuesday and thursday classes. theyre my favorite. (and no i was not trying to be sarcastic. i was SERIOUS.) i think im gonna go to the post office first. im waiting for my package from rach. i want those CDs!!! hehe...and then if im happy with the package, ill go to class. =Þ haha...thats not a good reason. forget it. ill just go. i hope i see nane again. i caught her at the parking lot the last time. uog sucks.

i feel so good. ive gone 3 days without cigarettes. omigosh...im so proud of myself! hehe.

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>>Tuesday, March 12.

    today's lelu's bday, actually it was yesterday. good thing i went online, she was online too, so i wished her a happy 18th bday. damn...tomorrow is her girlfriend's bday. whats with these march babies? theres, tash and audrey and christian nicole and reina...whoa. did like all your parents decide to have sex on july? was there some mass orgy goin on or something? hehe...nah. anyway...i need to sleep. ive got to wake up early tomorrow morning to finish my engineering graphics homework. i finished the computer layouts, now all i have to do is sketch the drawings on engineering graph paper. thats the crapass part. i hope we dont have a quiz tomorrow. im SO not ready. fuck it.

yesterday's classes sucked. chem was okay, i actually learned something new. now all i have to do is finish my lab report and turn it in on wednesday. i came late to calculus. shit...they were starting on the exam. that sucked. but whatever...i think i did okay on that exam. I HOPE I DID. i guess ill just have to wait for the results. i doubt de beer actually finished correcting everyones papers, so yeah. computer applications class was boring, as usual. we talked about input/outputs on computers and stuff. im so glad i actually finished all my word exercises. i felt to nerdy. hehe...now ive got more homework and a stupid quiz on wednesday. like i care about that.

oh...aside from the classes, the rest of the day was pretty good. i went to the library after my comp. class to borrow books for tash and stacy. while on the second floor, i met up with jenny. wow...long time no see. she looks good...even with her green hair. hehe...oh...and i also so sunny. shes so pretty. she was like dressed up and stuff...its been like that lately. and i always catch up with her at the library. hehe...asian chicks...ooohhhwee. i left the library at like 530 or something and headed home.

on the way, i notice this beige camry behind me. and its goin super fast, like it wants to race me. there were two girls in the car. they looked familiar, like those two filipina chicks in my chem and calculus class. anyway...im goin like 80 - 90 MPH and im still in adelup. and they are following me until i reached my friend's house in agat, near the church. i thought i lost them at the stop light, but right when i parked my car in my friend's house, there was the car, and i noticed one of the girls waving at me. whoa...they were headed to the church. weird. i HOPE its those girls in my calc class...that would be really awkward if someone waved and i didnt know who. i guess ill have to find out in calculus class tomorrow.

well, thats all. i think im gonna head out for today. until then...

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>>Monday, March 11.

    okay, morning. i should be getting ready soon, i have class in an hour. crap. my mom woke me up b/c i had to sign something for my life insurance. she gave me a form that allows me to get discount on my monthly payments if i was a non-smoker. ha! too bad mom, no discount this time. she was so pissed off to find out that i smoke. but she said she wasnt surprised. she said she knew all along. whatever. fuck it...that whole thing ruined my day. now i have to prepare for my fucking classes and my calculus exam. ugh! monday's suck! school sucks.

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>>Sunday, March 10.

    i just got home. yup. i came from the hotel and i dropped stacy home. tash's party was pretty cool. it was an actual HOUSE party. the room was crowded...there was a line to use the bathroom...the bedrooms were occupied...the fridge was stocked with alcohol...and there was WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA! hehe...but i didnt care. i was out driving around tumon. the alcohol gave me a stomach ache, so to sober up, i drove around and ate some mcdonalds. when i got back, there most of the group left, only b/c we ran out of beer and shit, so whatever...it was cool. we kicked back and finally sang happy birthday to tash and made her cut the cake. yum. we were about to sleep and stuff, when a cop knocks on the door. it was an airport cop and the two security guards of the hotel. whoa...i was freakin out man. they were asking for luis, tonia's cousin, b/c the room was under his name, but he wasnt there. so tonia spoke to the cop. he just told us that there were complaints of noise and minors comsuming alcohol. but what could we do, by the time the cop got there, everyone was gone. so that was that. then one of the hotel guards makes a joke and asks for some cake. tonia pauses and then with so much attitude, says, "excuse me, you want cake? hell no. you called the cops on us." we were all shocked and stuff, but we couldnt help and laugh, so everyone just started laughing even the cop. the guard then says he was joking and that they didnt call the cops. and tonia replies, "even though, the fridge is broken, theres water leaking from the aircon, there're no more towels and toilet tissue. what the hell? all you guys can think about is some CAKE?" hehe...we just keep laughing and laughing...that was fun. what a nite! i couldnt sleep tho. so i watched tv. someone stole my bed. so i ended up sleeping in the living room. larry had the couch, so i had to try and sleep on the single chair or whatever...that sucked. but whatever...it was cool. im just glad im home. now i can sleep on my OWN bed. oh shit...nah...ive got homework and studying to do. damn school!

one more thing...happy 19th birthday to audrey! man, i wish i was nineteen. eighteen is so overrated.

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