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>>Saturday, March 9.

    thursday nite was pretty cool. i know...im late and shit, but blogger was under construction. damn them. anyway...the plan was to go shoot pool with veronica and jessica and then go to my chemistry study group in yona b/c there was goin to be a quiz on friday. hehe...anyway...i went to buddies and shot pool for like 2 hours with veronica and jessica and her friends. then tash, stacy, and cel dropped by. i ditched veronica to go with the girls. we were planning to watch 40 days & 40 nights, but we were late for the last showing, so we ditched and went around tumon.

we decided to go check out fishbowl. lucky thing too, b/c it was open that nite. and there was an INVITATION ONLY party. we were hesitant to walk in, but one of the friends of the bday boy gave us an invitation, so we went in and kicked in the back of the club. fishbowl is nice. its a super small club, but very elegant and shit. just image a room in one of the REAL WORLD homes...yeah...the place is very furnished and stuff. you would just want to kick back there forever. but...we didnt. the music got weirder and weirder...i mean...it was a WHITE old folks party...so there was lots of um...moby and stuff...hah. and they kept starring at us b/c we were in the back just smoking and keeping quiet...like they thought we were underage or whatever...so we left.

cel wanted to check out THE CLUB, so we stopped by there for like 5 mins. we walked over to lights. it was dead too, so we decided to go back home. but during the drive, we thought of chameleons, b/c it was free and joyride was playing...so yeah...we made a u-turn and headed to chameleon. we got there around maybe 1AM and just grabbed a table and chilled. haha...so many white guys...it was obvious they were there for joyride b/c before the band performed, the dj played some hip hop and those guys just TRIED to dance. hehe...but it was cool. after about 30 or so minutes, joyride took the stage. it was so cool, b/c i actually knew all the words to all their songs...well, yeah, not that hard. but while they were playin, those same guys, three of them, really wanted to start a mosh, so they kept jumping in the middle and pushing each other. i didnt think anyone knew or whatever so people just starred and laughed. finally like one other person went up and just pushed around. then the song stopped...hehe. but afterwards it got better, they had breakdancers and shit, it was cool. we got bored again, so we left around 130AM or something. we drove around and cel met some guys she knew, so she raced them from tumon to agana or something. they suck. they ditched me. those fuckers. well, yeah...that was my thursday nite. i didnt go to my chem study group session. i woke up late the next morning. i was late to my chem class. and i was happy b/c there wasnt a quiz that day! hehe...

one more thing...i would just like to wish NATASHA BORJA a happy 19th birthday. we have a hotel room and lots of beer and bacardi tonite...hehe...so its gonna be a GOOD nite. =Þ hehe...im glad its at a hotel, i can actually get drunk and not worry about having to drive home..heh. i think i should tell my parents. they dont even know whats goin on. hehe...whatever. laters...

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>>Thursday, March 7.

    ive got a massive hangover. nah. i didnt drink that much last nite. anyway, my classes were cool today. we just reviewed all our lessons and shit for our calculus exam on monday. and for engineering, we just had a lecture and like in-class graphing work. i was freakin out before class, b/c all my classmates were asking me if there was goin to be an exam today, b/c it was scheduled for today. but nah, we didnt even have our regular professor today. we had dr. k. anyway...yeah. im home. burning CDs for veronica and talking to rachel. anyway...later.

oh...i freaked out this morning b/c my cell phone kept beeping, but it was just angelyn sending me 26 text messages! damn that LIFE-LESS chick. she needs a life. hehe...anyway, thanks angie. oh and i should email her sometime b/c she thinks i dont care enough for her. whatever. anyway...gotta go. i need to finish those CDs by tonite.

should i ditch my chemistry study group to go shoot pool with veronica and jessica? hmm...nevermind. ill just drive there and then ditch them to go to the study group. i seriously hope that we are gonna study this time and NOT drink. heh. laters.

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  okay, my computer applications class sucked today! damn swanson. we had a quiz today on computer hardware/software and its history. no one in class KNEW there was a quiz, so that sorta sucked. but i think i did alright. the questions were pretty obvious especially to a geek like me. hehe...

earlier this evening i went to stacy's house to help her correct her mistakes in her math quiz (actually i DID all the work). anyway, it was cool. larry came over, so it was cool. it was like some sort of reunion or whatever. it got boring, so we shot a little basketball and then split at like 10PM. so i went to victor's house to chill with him and glenn and study for chemistry. we didnt really study, actually i didnt study at all. i didnt think either of them wanted to study too. b/c glenn went to the store to get some coke and bacardi. hehe...so we just drank and talked. and i read vic's sister's JANE magazine. it was cool...shannyn sossamon was in the issue. shes HOT! hehe...she so UNQUE, and i think thats whats great about her, actually i think its the hair. i guess i have a thing for girls with short hair, i dont know. anyway...i got so interested that i went online to read more about her. shes 23 (dammit!). and she was born in hawaii and is said to be a "mutt." (shes hawaiian, french, dutch, irish, filipino and german). yay! shes filipino. hehe...that would make my mom happy. anyway...not only is she an actor, but shes a dancer and a dj. wow. anyway, heres a pic:

( taken from Shannon Sossamon [on the web]. )

well? hehe...i guess im gonna go sleep. i have calculus and engineering class tomorrow. ugh! enjoy your day. bye.

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>>Wednesday, March 6.

    so im at the computer science lab. i came early to school so yeah. im just chillin and trying to be one of the comp geeks. i try so hard...but i doubt im close. hehe...im also helping one of my classmates with his homework for the class. hes so cool. he's almost 40 and he's FOB. i mean really fresh as in he came to guam like 6 months ago. but he's cool. anyway...its almost time for class. gotta go and get ready. i also need to smoke. my lifes so boring. peace out. oh..and congrats to tish who FINALLY got her internet connection back. =Þ and i also heard that today the nd students got off early b/c one of the water pipes broke. you lucky bastards!! bye.

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>>Monday, March 4.

    okay, nevermind bout that messenger thingie. i fixed my account. now whenever someone uses that computer in the comp. sci. lab, it will automatically sign someone else. hehe...yay!

anyway...long time no write. ive been super LAZY and super BORED. actually last nite was pretty cool. i went with the girls to the nd songfest. we were kinda late...haha...yeah...we were DEFINITELY late. we got there while they were signing the alma mater. oOPS. anyway...it was cool. after the songfest we checked out FISHBOWL. its supposed to be some club or something at acanta mall. but when we got there it was still under construction. so we went to gameworks. haha...we forgot it was teen nite that nite. it was cool. we sat at the bar and smoked and just watch those wacky high school kids dance the nite away.

anyway, we got bored and felt like checking out THE CLUB so yeah...we stopped by. it was someones bday, so they had like a dinner party or something. so we just hid somewhere in the back. we played a couple games of pool and chilled. i felt clumsy that nite. i kept dropping and breaking things -- i broke like two bottles of bud ice, i kept dropping the pool stick and the cue ball kept flying off the table. i dont know. i just wanted to leave. anyway, we felt like shooting more pool, so we went to masse, but it was closed. so we went to black hole in dededo. hehe. stayed there for an hour, it was cool. we left around 2AM and went home. i DROVE everyone home. hehe...i didnt mind.

anyway, i woke up around 10AM today. i was waiting for stacy or tonia to call me. i thought i was goin with you guys to the commisary. i guess not. anyway...i should start studying for my exams. i have one everyday, each day this week. ARGH! i need to get a move on. i still to finish my late homework for chem and engineering. ugh! this sucks. im gonna go now. goodbye.

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