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>>Thursday, February 28.

    wow...so i hear my msn messenger account is OPEN to everyone who uses the computers in the computer center. wonderful, now everyone gets to read my email and talk to all my buddies. well, sorry people if anyone pretending to be me is fooling with your heads. i guess ill have to fix the messenger in the computer there.

anyway, im here in toyota's show room. i dropped the van in to the service section of toyota to get my transmission checked and oil changed and all that good stuff. i only wanted to get my oil changed, but what the hell, i took advantage of that SUPER COMBO DEAL toyota's having for the month of march. neat-o. they even have a raffle drawing and shit. but whatever, its not like im goin to win a car or anything, altho i would like one. hehe...anyway, since its gonna take the whole afternoon to fix the van, im chilling here in the showroom. they have computers that the public can use, but its only supposed to be used for finding out options and stuff for your toyota. oOPS...hehe. i DID check out options and stuff for the sequoia and the lexus gs 300 sport edition.

but it got boring, so now im adding a blog. oh yeah, everyone keeps telling me that my page is starting to like FLASH or whatever with pictures and text and stuff. i dont know why its like that. i never had that problem with my computer. ill try and find out the problem. i dont know why it doesnt do that to other pages that have my layout. whatever...maybe ill just make a new layout or something. im kinda getting tired of my little color-changing background anyway. hehe...notice how i recently got tired of goin to chameleon, now im getting tired of my layout. get it? a chameleon changes color. nevermind.

anyway, im getting bored and my eyes are starting to hurt. maybe ill go outside and have a cigarette. ugh! i just want to go home now. this place sucks.

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>>Wednesday, February 27.

    okay...so when's the last time i posted? wow...2 days ago! anyway, im in the computer lab in the nursing building. im bored. im supposed to be creating a WORD document with clipart and all this format shit for my computer applications class. im not in the mood. i just want to sleep right now. i havent gotten that much sleep lately. well, yeah...last nite i went with tash to nane's grandmother's rosary in inarajan. we didnt even go inside the church. we kicked back in the parking lot and smoked. when the rosary was over, we talked with nane and she invited us to a dinner at her auntie's house. it was cool. we were seriously bored and i think i was goin delusional. i mean...we kept acting like SUPER SPIES. it was so fucking cool. hehe...anyway...i thought i was going home after, but i ended up at stacy's house. she has some sort of bbq bash...but without any bbq grill or people...its was only stacy, tash, nane, cel, tonia, and i. it was cool. we drank and chilled then watched "O". i left yona around 1:30AM. talk about a SCHOOL NITE! anyway...i should get back to my work. until my next quote.

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>>Monday, February 25.

    wow...ive been online since i woke up at 1PM. and only now im writing a blog. im so lazy. all ive done this weekend was eat [a lot], sleep [late], drink [at the clubs], and smoke [way too much cigarettes and weed]. ugh! i need to do more. my life sucks. so what did i do last nite? um...well, the girls and i went to the theater to watch queen of the damned. its a pretty good movie -- kinda went BORING for a while in the middle. but overall, i thought it was good. i shouldve had read the book first. damn me. i kept thinking that the movie had like a "gay" appeal to it, b/c of the character, marius. i dont know, im hoping its just me, but its just nasty. especially that part where marius is giving his "power" to le stat. i dont know...i was just nauseated at that part. i seriously wanted to go outside and smoke. anyway...after that we went to buddies to shoot pool. what fun! i actually felt pro. i dont know...i was on a roll. i think i want to shoot pool next week. anyway, jessica and ron had to leave, so we all kicked back in the parking lot. jess had some special "herbs" she wanted to share with me, so we smoked in the parking lot. it was pretty stupid, but at the same time FUN! hehe...we were right there in the parking lot. of course we didnt want to attract any attention, but some guy noticed cel and stacy, so he kept screaming their names and stacy kept screaming back. it was weird. after my little "high" trip, we went to chameleon. its sucked. after like 5 mins, i wanted to leave. im not all for that tight-squeezed, smoke-filled, stank-smelling people part of a club. i dont know...everything just sucks.

i rented along came a spider. it was a FUCKING awesome movie. i think all movies starring morgan freeman are cool. lately he's been acting in "thriller" type movies. and lately ive been getting into the "hype" of criminology and profiling. i dont know...i can never decide. but...back to the movie. i thought it was very very clever. you think in the beginning that you know the ending or whatever, but this movie has its twists and DAMN...it surely fooled me. i shouldve read the book before watching the movie, but too late. i still want to read the book tho. lelu's says its better. so yeah...

i also rented SOUL SURVIVORS, but for some reason my VCR isnt working. i guess ill have to return the video without watching the movie. hopefully theyll take my excuse and lend me the DVD. i doubt it.

i think ill go to sleep now. i have a 10AM class. i hate monday mornings! i have homework for my computer applications class...and oOPS...i forgot to do it. i hope i can finish it before the class. we'll see. it was due last week...i already have points off b/c its late. damn my lazy ass.

oh...BTW i have AutoCAD! fuck yeah! mr. heitz, my engineering graphics professor gave me a burned copy of AutoCAD b/c i told him i wanted to do my homework at home and not at the WERI. whatever...its cool. AutoCAD rocks! anyway, ive got to make copies for my classmates tho. i dont mind. oh...and ive got to burn some CDs for lynes. shit...i guess i wont sleep NOW...maybe LATER.

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