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>>Saturday, February 16.

    last nite was pretty cool... i made it a blockbuster nite. hehe...since there really wasnt a plan or anything to go out, we decided to all go home, but before i did, i stopped by nane's house. i told her i was gonna rent a video, but i realized it was already 11:30, so she decided to drive me to blockbuster. hehe...i felt so white! anyway. nane didnt want to go home just yet, so we drove around tumon and then drove into chameleon's parking lot. we drove around prolly 4 times then left. anyway, the nite was cool. the drive home sucked. i kept yawning and falling asleep. but when i got home i was wide awake, so i watched the movie i rented. "THE GIFT" was very good. kinda scary movie, but overall very good plot and acting. anyway, im tired. i dont know if im goin out tonite. "clubbing" is so overrated! i think ill make it another "blockbuster" nite. hehe. goodnite ya'll.

oh, *btw* angie, thanks for your 34 text messages on my phone! im not pissed, nor irritated, im just shocked at how BORED you are back there. and if youre expecting me to come back there, forget it, im staying here. id prolly go CRAZY with boredom back there...i wonder why youre still sane. anyway...have a great weekend!

// you give me something to dream to when i'm all alone and blue //

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>>Friday, February 15.

    damn...my last post sounded so gay. eww!

anyway, today was pretty cool. my classes didnt suck that much. i started the day with my college success seminar class. we learned about calculating GPAs and stuff. super easy shit. that was fun!

after that i had my chem exam. i wasnt really looking forward to it, but whatever...its only chem, right? anyway, the exam had 60 questions... most were questions based on the book. ha! i didnt read the damn book! i actually looking forward to the calculations and stuff. i studied that part! well, it was a good thing i did. i know for sure that i got ALL the calculating problems CORRECT. we'll just have to see next week.

anyway, after chem i went to my engineering graphics class. i had fun. i felt super smart. only b/c we kept talking about AutoCAD and stuff. AutoCad rules!

right now im talking to tash and nane. we are supposedly planning for tonite. i dont want to go to club chameleon. i just want to watch a movie/video tonite. i just want to chill. i wanna get stoned! anyone selling? ive only $10. anyone? leave a message on my cell...thanks for doin business.

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>>Thursday, February 14.

    my dad says that our puppy is dying. um...its prolly b/c its always being neglected. it hardly eats and we let it stay outside. its supposed to be an indoor pet, but we havent cleaned it or check it at the vet. i feel so bad. i would take it inside, but ive to also watch MY health and wellness..right? look how irresponsible me and my family are?! gosh..this sucks! i promise that once i get paid...i will take that dog to the vet, i will buy it all the food it wants, and i will get some toys and some anti-tick shampoo! gosh...im sorry mitch!

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  okay...wow...i have time. hehe... ive been sleeping earlier than usual for the past two days. in fact, i even missed that earthquake. my mom said i was so asleep that she TRIED waking me up to see if i wasnt dead. weird.

anyway...i actually like sleeping early. it feels super good. and waking up earlier in the morning is great! i didnt have class until 11 today, but i decided to leave my house around 8 and got to uog around 9. i went to the WERI building to try and finish my engineering graphics plates and i lost track of time. i only finished my 3rd plate before i left for calculus class.

i love calculus. de beer is totally COOL! i actually learn stuff in his class. on the other hand, the math geeks in the class HATE me! forreal...its like HARDCORE competition with them. i swear to god! they dont want to help me. for example, today we were doing some "problems" and there was this one limit problem. everyone kept getting 1/4 and i kept getting 0. first, they told me to use my calculator -- which i did, then they said that my calculator was broken or something, then they said that their calculators never make mistakes and they have a TI-86 -- uhm...i have a TI-89...thats like 3 more generations HIGHER than their CRAPASS calculators, and yet they still dont want to help me out. so i was like fuck them! im sticking to my so-called "circle" of friends. they may not be all hardcore NERDS like you guys, but they actually give me their time. anyway, de beer let us out early today b/c he wanted us to spend more time with our valentines...dude...if anything he wants to spend more time with HIS valentine...if he has one.

after calculus i went back to WERI. i stayed there for 3 hours!!! actually it only took me the first hour to finish the rest of my work, but the rest of the class needed my help, so i stayed back and taught them some AutoCAD tricks and stuff. it was cool. i felt so cool, geeky but cool.

// im so cool, too bad im a loser. im so smart, too bad i cant get anything figured out. //

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>>Tuesday, February 12.

    one more thing...(making up for lost time)...we've got a puppy!! im still not sure what type of breed it is, but its definitely not a boonie dog. and its sorta mixed. anyway...its a pretty cool puppy...very big and hairy. but its super dumb. my siblings and i are still trying to teach it its name -- mitchell or mitch for short. my sister came up with the name -- after some guy she likes. anyway...its supposed to be an indoors type dog, but we havent cleaned it or checked it for any diseases or whatnot...so it stays outside in our patio...but its annoying b/c it wont stop barking (actually its more like whinning) and shit...anyway, i just wanted to share that with everyone reading this page. ill try to get pics and stuff. maybe you guys can help me indentify it. bye.

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  okay, so whens the last time ive added a post? damn, thats 5 days! sorry, im just lazy and stuff. i havent been doin any homework. and ive been sleeping a lot lately. i just go to my classes, dont turn in any homework and go home to sleep. my life's crap.

what happened today? i set my alarm clock so that i can wake up at 5:00AM to do my homework for chem and computer applications. i actually woke up at 5AM, but i went back to sleep. i woke up exactly at 8:45, got ready and left to school. chem sucked. i fucked up my chem quiz for last week's lecture. i got an 11/25. thats sad. i honestly do NOT understand chem. i dont get molecular bonding and shit. im begging...anyone...please tutor me! ive got an exam on friday. shit. anyway, we got out pretty late for chem, so i went to calculus late...it wasnt too bad. we are starting our CALCULUS lessons with derivatives. it was fun. i felt so smart, b/c everyone around me wanted my help. we also got our exam scores...hehe...i got a 36/40!!! hehe..im so proud of myself. if i only checked my work, i wouldve gotten that perfect score. its just like my high school math teacher also said...TOO MANY CARELESS MISTAKES. ugh! sorry mrs. babs.

after calculus, i went to the post office. i was so thrilled to see another YELLOW CARD. hehe...but it wasnt for any of my ebay orders or hot topic shit, it was a JCPENNY catalog. dammit!

anyway, i went to my computer applications class. hehe...did i do my homework? NOPE! i tried to do it during class. it was so obvious that i procrastinated...but i wasnt the only one. i had to ask my professor for an extension. but when class ended, i finished...so i turned it in at the end of class. the homework was pretty easy anyway.

well, that was pretty much my day. same as usual. crappy as always. bye.

// i wanna go there and never come back home. //

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