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>>Thursday, February 7.

    im actually doing homework. i guess b/c its due tomorrow and ive had it for a week already. its my exercises for my engineering graphics class. the very first page of the sheet was already stressing me out. i couldnt figure out how to use my engineers scale. its super complicated... that, or im just super stupid. anyway, ive completed prolly 50% of the work. i really should TRY and finish up before i go to sleep. i HATE sketching and drawing and using the damn protractor! TOO MUCH WORK for ONE LAZY ASS!

anyway, i still gotta read my english lit book before i sleep. im gonna try to read at least half of the assignment tonite, just in case i dont read at all tomorrow. i hate taking those daily quizes for talley's class. ugh...she sucks! english lit sucks. i dont give a shit about characterization and all that crap. im not a writer!

what else? oh...i have an EXAM for CALCULUS tomorrow. i need to review my precalculus notes and TRY to remember all those trig properties...dammit...im too lazy. ill just add all that stuff into my calculator. yay! we get to use our calculators during the exam tomorrow...hehe...

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>>Tuesday, February 5.

    manipulative people suck! thats right! damn you stacy for makin me miss my english class. thats my second ZERO for my quiz grade! ugh...nevermind. english sucks anyway. maybe ill just stick with the class and if i dont like my grade during midterms, ill drop. im not paying for that class anyway! hehe...

gosh, im so lazy. i dont read any of my books. i dont even pay attention in class. school sux. uog sucks! my damn stipend money hasnt even come in yet? damn, gov.guam! it better be doubled this month. ugh! i really need to buy a computer applications book. argh!

i washed the van yesterday! guess how long it took me? 2.5 hours! haha...i was super lazy...i took my time, i mean...TOOK MY TIME just to rinse the damn car. and i didnt even vacuum or wax. washing my van sucks.

// why do we always seem to want what we can't have? //

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>>Sunday, February 3.


has anyone ever heard of the comic book "ghost world"? well, theres a movie based on the comic. and it stars, this girl named enid -- portrayed by thora birch. enid is this out of place "loner" girl who falls for this weird and also a "loner" guy named seymour -- portrayed by steve buscemi. the plot's pretty lame, but what would you expect from a COMIC BOOK type movie...then again i dont know what im saying. hehe...overall i kinda enjoyed it. i wouldnt give it two thumbs up, but if you're bored and feel like wasting you time and money, do so. this movie also stars brad renfro, scarlett johansson, and illena douglas. well, enjoy. bye.

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  last night was pretty cool. i was everyone's driver last nite. well, i picked up the yona girls, then the birthday girl, and then head to kings. we chill and ate a small meal. my friend cel told the manager that it was tonia's bday so they did their song and clap thingie. it was cool. tonia looked embarrased.

we then headed to buddies. i finally got to see the new section. its pretty cool. we met up with dwayne and his co-workers and chilled with them. tonite was also a special nite, because the models from the 2002 buddies calender were signing autographs...hehe...i was too shy to get some signatures. anyway, after a couple of hours, the band performs...i think their band name was core. i only heard one song, but it was cool. it was hoobastank's crawling in the dark.

we left to chameleon. everyone was hot and it was raining, so we kicked back in the van for about half an hour. i kept doing my "airline pilot" act. it was fun for like the first couple of mins, and i guess they got BORED of it afterwards. chameleon was actually cool tonite. d.u.b. performed. i thought they had an awesome set. the cool thing about tonite was that cel spoke to the lead singer of d.u.b. and told him about tonia's bday. so he and the band sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to tonia. i dont know if tonia was drunk or embarrased, but she didnt want to come up when they called her name. shes crazy. but it was sweet. i also saw analyn...she was on the floor this time and not behind the bar, so when she came up to us, i just bought a round of shots for everyone. it was cool. guess who else i saw at chameleon tonite? DR. EHLERT -- my psychology professor. hehe...i guess he took his wife out tonite...thats sweet. i tell analyn, so she goes over and gives him and his wife free shots. hehe...that was cool. ooh...guess what else happened? we are all watching the dance floor and it was super packed...we then see a couple or two walk out...then after 20 seconds or so the whole floor emptied...then this BAD smell started goin around...ooh...somebody passed gas...damn! that was hilarious!!!

we left chameleon around 2:30 or something. cel needed to buy cigarettes, so we went to 7-11 in tumon. tonia was hungry again, so we went to mcdonalds. i want to apologize to the drive-up lady...sorry for being LOUD! hehe...we just ordered a couple of fries and drove home. the drive was pretty cool...we all laughed at cel's blurred speech. overall last nite was great and i hope tonia enjoyed herself. b/c i know i did.

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