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>>Saturday, February 2.

    last nite kinda sucked. i didnt leave my house until 11:00 p.m. i took my sweet time getting ready and burned a cd at the same time. i was making my club chameleon mix -- you know, just to get in the mood. anyway, i pick up stacy and we stroll to lights. we meet tash, nane, and kikue. we walk up to the door, and the bouncers automatically open the door and let us walk through...i was like...damn! dont tell me we are already REGULARS that they dont have to card us. thats just weird! anyway, we walk in...TOO MANY OLD PEOPLE...it was like senior citizen nite or something. so we just kicked back in the couch. we leave at around 12:45 or something and head to chameleons...the girls obviously didnt want to get down yet, they need to do their make up and shit. finally we line up and get to the door. WAITING IN LINE IS A BITCH, ESPECIALLY AT CHAMELEONS. fuck the bouncers! anyway, we get in the door and guess what? THEY FUCKING CHARGE FOR GUYS NOW. i know its only $2, but damn...why do you have to charge? you people are so lucky that i brought money! if i didnt, that would be so embarrasing -- me haveing to walk back to the car to get my money...hah...sad. anyway, we watched and stuff...it was cool. it was also weird, everytime i head up to the dance floor, the music suddenly changes to something CRAPPY or people would just LEAVE THE FLOOR. i was like...this sucks. this REALLY SUCKS. but whatever...its just another weekend. tonite should be better though. its TONIA's 19th bday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONIA!!! we are gonna have a nice dinner then a movie. later we might check out the clubs or just go home. whatevers the plan...im just driving. anyway...im gonna take a nap. saturday mornings suck!

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>>Friday, February 1.

    fridays are awfully BORING! i actually woke up early today. hehe...i had college success seminar at 9:00. i came in a little late, but who cares. that class is super super boring. we talked about credit hours and general and core requirements. ugh...i cant wait for next week's class! (that was a sarcastic remark.)

anyway, after that class, i went to chemistry. im so glad im actually learning the lessons now. i hope i do better. dr. bala spoke with each one of us about our final exam score and our score on the quiz we took last friday. i got a 2 out of 5 -- just like i said -- i didnt get the questions. but now i do (again, thanks to lollie for the tutoring). and about the final exam score...i got a 49 out of 70 -- a fucking 70%! but it was cool. there was a curve and thats why i got a C for chem. hey...C means AVERAGE. so FUCK OFF. nevermind.

// why don't you judge me for who i am? it's my life and i'm not gonna change. //

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>>Thursday, January 31.

    husky boy representative. nah! just playin. thanks to lynes for the rex navarette cd. when she gave me the cd, i was like...uh...i dont think id like it, its so FILIPINO! but when i listened to it...HAHAHAH...it was HELLA funny. everything in that cd is SO damn true. i made my mom listen to it, and she was laughing super hard...hehe. it was great...sorta like a family bonding thingie. i think my favorite track was that superfriends one -- "heello, my name is maritez..."

school was okay today. im actually catching up with my calculus class. i ACTUALLY understand the shit and im not behind. now ive got to really prepare for my exam on thursday. wish me luck...

talley rocks! english lit rocks! hehe...i didnt read the next chapter (as usual) so when i walked into class, i was expecting to fail that daily quiz. but talley decided to cancel todays quiz! yeah! i was super happy. we did go over the lesson and stuff so it was good. i made sure to follow along with the lesson...since i didnt read. we talked about edgar allen poe's "the tell-tale heart" -- about the point of view of the narrator and how he was truly "mad." anyway, we derailed and talked about schizophrenics and stuff, which then led to guam's schizophrenics, then to freddy tahom. some old filipino guy -- who BTW is my sister's 4th grade teacher's husband -- started telling the story of tahom. if you dont know the story, freddy was sorta schizo and he was the guy who chopped up his mother b/c some one told him to chop the "pig" for the fiesta. anyway, the cool part was...the old guy mentioned that freddy lived in r.r. cruz. so i interrupt and say, "hey, i LIVE in r.r. cruz." so we all start talking about r.r. cruz and about the story of tahom. then 10 or 15 mins later some chick was like, "back to poe..." . o O ( it was fun while it lasted. )

anyway, thats most of my day...pretty boring. until then....

// ...locked away in an emo dream. //

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>>Wednesday, January 30.

    oh joy! i checked the post office today. im pretty thrilled. the motorola V2260 phone that i bid on ebay a month ago arrived. hehe... my mom's all freaked out too...she was all, "wow, you got that for $25." i was like, "duh! its ebay." anyway, shes on like this ebay trip. shes telling all her co-workers about the wonders of ebay. im hoping they know about it already. gosh, my mom's so filipino.

anyway...i need to go and read my literature book. i hate that class--only b/c im behind. i actually missed the first quiz. i didnt really read the syllabus and when i went to class we had a quiz. we have a quiz every beginning of a class session. so yeah...i really need to read! fuck english.

but,chem does not suck! well, thanks to lollie. hehe...i got tutored this afternoon by dolores. (ms. lee to those nd folks.) she told me how she skipped gen. chem. II her college year, but when we went over the material, she actually knew what she was saying. so it was all good. she taught me that chemistry is like a game. which is true. i just need to figure out the rules of game a little quicker. thanks again lollie!

on the other hand, english lit. is getting on my nerves. now...who can tutor me with lit.? (remember im filipino! i need HELP!)

// what's the point of never making mistakes? self-indulgence is such a hard habit to brake. it's all just a waste of time in the end. i don't care so why should i even pretend. //

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  my comp sux and so does hotmail.com! also, im just too lazy to send that email forward out, so im just gonna post it on this page. here are my answers to those survey questions:

1. What time is it: 8:45 p.m.
2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Junjie Constantino Piolo
3. Nickname(s): junjie, jun, junjiemos, G
4. Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake: 12.
5. Date that you regularly blow them out: ohh...you mean my birthday, i see. july 9th.
6. Pets (if any): my brother has a puppy named tum-tum.
7. Eye color: dark brown
8. Hair color: naturally black/dark brown, but theres still some bleached parts on it.
9. Piercing: just the right eyebrow. (soon the labret!)
10. Tattoos: dont plan on getting one.
11. How much do you love your job: n/a.
12. Favorite color: blue.
13. Hometown: agat, guam.
14. Current Residence: r. r. cruz, agat.
15. Favorite food: anything edible.
16. Been to Africa: nope. only dreamed.
17. Been toilet papering: i guess not.
18. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: i guess.
19. Been in a car accident: yeah, but minor.
20. Favorite piece of furniture: i guess i dont have one.
21. Sprite or 7UP: 7UP.
22. Favorite Movie: dont really have a favorite movie, but i still enjoy watching HACKERS.
23. Favorite Holiday: dont have one.
24. Favorite day of the week: saturday.
25. Favorite word or phrase: i dont know. im sorry.
26. Favorite Toothpaste: colgate total -- but its not necessarily my favorite, just the one im using now.
27. Favorite Restaurant: dont have one. i do miss fuji ichiban though.
28. Favorite Flowers: shoot, i dont know.
29. Favorite Drink: hmm...water. or nestea. or king car iced tea.
30. Favorite sport to watch: to watch? i dont really watch sports, unless its mandatory, or if someone wants me to go with them.
31. Favorite type of ice-cream: plain ol' vanilla. or haagen dazs' macadamian nut.
32. Favorite Sesame Street Character: snuffaluffagus .oO(did i spell it right?)
33. Disney or Warner Bros: neither?
34. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: too many questions dammit!
35. When was your last hospital stay: dont remember.
36. What color is your bedroom carpet: sorry, tiles, no carpet. cant afford carpet...or maybe im just filipino like that.
37. How many times did you fail your drivers test: zero times.
38. Who is the last person you got email from before this: dont remember.
39. Do you have a criminal record: i dont think so. i do have a traffic violation record. im on probation until may!
40. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit cards: im fat, no one has my size. oh...plus i dont have a credit card.
41. What do you do most often when you are bored: porn on the net. (thats what april wants me to say!) but, i just watch tv. ive been watching the discovery channel lately. did you know scientists are now thinking that the loch ness "monster" is actually a prehistoric animal. from research and sonar scanning, the supposed "fins" resemble one of the prehistoric animal's fins in the jurrassic period! cool, eh?
42. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the furthest away: i guess i can say avegayle! shes in new jersey!
43. Most annoying thing people ask you: "you're not gay are you?" then "ohh...i was just wondering..." then "because someone told me you are."
44. What time is Bedtime: i have no bedtime. or i dont know.
45. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? prolly everyone...especially larry and angie, b/c theyve already sent me this.
46. Favorite all time TV show: real world.
47. Last Movie you saw: a beautiful mind.
48. Last person you went out to dinner with: i dont remember, but if i did go, it was prolly with a big group of people where i only knew one person.
49. Time when you finished: 9:10 p.m.

// i've got a sureshot way to work things out ... find what you're following and chase it down. //

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>>Monday, January 28.

    i need to start sleeping earlier. i was practically falling asleep in class. crap. chem was okay. i was lost once again. i really need to get a tutor. hey, does sylvan learning center tutor "college" students? hehe...forreals, i need help! after chem, i had calculus. today was our official first day of classes. omigosh, we were doin "practice" problems on basic prerequisite algebraic crap. the sad part was that they were easy, but de beer was rushing us. he gave us like less than one minute per problem, and he wouldnt let us use the calculator!!! man, im lazy -- i need the damn calculator. im so gonna fail this class. no way am i gonna get through with out the calculator. and to think i wanted to minor in math -- fuck math! okay, i then had computer applications with dr. swanson. im sorry to say this, the guy's pretty cool and shit and so is the subject, but he's so boring... we were talking about economics and the history of guam and shit. the class is COMPUTER APPLICATIONS! why are we talking about economics and kmart? ugh! he kept asking questions and no one wanted to answer. he sounded like ben stein in ferris beuller's day off -- "anyone, anyone?" hehe...we also watched a video on the unusual ways we use computers. the damn video was an hour long. and it wasnt even interesting. shit, half of the class was asleep. and i think im getting a stiff neck. ugh! i gotta go and do my homework. and i gotta prepare for my classes tomorrow. when the fuck is my stipend money gonna come in? i need to buy drafting supplies for engineering!!! i still need to buy more BOOKS. and paper, i dont have any paper!!! aahhhh! uog sucks.

// [i'm] wandering the house like i've never wanted out and this is about as social as i get now. //

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>>Sunday, January 27.

    guess where i went tonite? the club. yup, guam's famous and only gay club. hehe...but im not gay. i only went b/c my friend veronica wanted to check it out and plus she was treating my way in and paying for all the drinks. we (veronica, stacy, and i) went to the club around 11 or something. it was pretty early, so we were the first ones in. the place was interesting: black all around, hardly any tables, just chairs and shit, pictures and posters of barely naked men and women, lots of abercrombie ads. haha. anyway, we started the nite drinking and shooting pool. its was all good. veronica actually beat me in one game. but its cool. its not like im THAT good. anyway, around midnite, the club started to pour in more and more people. the dance floor was packed (of course) and the rooms started to get a little crowded, but it was cool. i wasnt bothered at all. i kinda had fun. i danced and drank the hour away. by the way, i dance with stacy and veronica...girls, just girls!!! ;-)

anyway, i got a little bored and tired, and my friend tash called. so i left like around 1:30 or something and checked out lights. it was pretty cool. tash, nane, kiks, and i chilled and watched prominence perform. they were pretty okay. we left like 30 mins later. we then headed to club chameleon. we stayed there until like 3:30 or something and then left.

my nite was OKAY. i drank; i danced; i drove fast. it was all good -- sorta. but nonetheless, at least i did something. i cant wait until next weekend. hehe...today is sunday. schools on monday. ugh...*sarcastically* cant wait.

// ...don't be a liar. don't say that "everything's working" when everything's broken. //

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