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>>Friday, January 25.

    chem sux. i actually came to class early, and i mean like 30 mins early. there was another class using the room, so i waited outside and smoked a cigarette. i was too lazy to read chapter 7. i was like, fuck it, my attitude about chemistry is not gonna change, so i ignored it. class was a little boring, we talked about hybridization and orbitals and covalent bonds. ugh...not my thing, but i did learn stuff. at the end of class, we took a quiz on chapter 7, actually on heat of formation and enthalpy changes. there were like 5 numbers; 2 were on hess's law. those i got right. but the other three, i just guessed. so yeah, i fucked up on that quiz. i need a tutor. dolores, answer your phone. i need your help!!!

anyway, after the quiz i headed to the chem lab. today we talked about our experiment on enthalpies of acids and bases and all that good stuff. dr. bala went over the experiment for like 2 hours. everyone in class was freaking out b/c there was only like 20 mins of class left, how the hell were we supposed to finish the projects in 20 mins?! dr. bala then said the experiment was planned for next friday, so its all good. ;)

after lab, i went to the registrars office. i turned in my overload form. yay! im officially taking college success seminar. well, not really yay! but at least im taking the class and getting it over with. uog is crazy. but its all good now. my schedule is set, 3 classes everyday, monday to friday. life is good. hopefully.

// im on my feet, im on the floor, im good to go. all i need is just to hear a song i know. i wanna always feel like part of this was mi-i-ine. i wanna fall in love tonite. //

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>>Thursday, January 24.

    school is cool... NOT! i got my grades for my intersession classes. im pretty happy. i believe i deserved the grades i got; i only wished they were higher. but at least it brought up the GPA i got from last semester. hehe...

my classes went well today. we started calculus class with a test. it was cool, tho. it was the same test we took in pre-cal class. it was the calculus readiness test. pretty easy; kinda sucked b/c we didnt get to use our calculators. i hope he doesnt expect us to know all these math concepts without our calculators later in the class. b/c i will surely fail those tests. oh, *btw* we werent graded on that test. yay...thank goodness.

right after calculus class i went to my engineering graphics class. i came in late expecting to be the only student in the class, b/c one of my previous classmates already took that class and the other wasnt planning on majoring in engineering anymore. so i walk in, there were like 5 other guys. OOPS...didnt mean to come it late. but it was cool, mr. heitz just ignored it and chatted with me about my intersession classes and stuff. i bet the other students were thinking "teachers pet" and "wow, on the first day of classes too." hehe...whatever. the class seems so intimidating, but ive already had mr. heitz, so ill just expect what ive expected last semester. at least i finally get to use autoCAD and shit...yay...finally a course where i get to show off my comp skills. then again, some of the students are already working with autoCAD and are already like engineering techs at their jobs. at least im the youngest in the class. =Þ

after engineering class, i went to the post office. i walked in, expecting the obvious (no yellow card), but when i opened my box, i found one! yay! on the way to the room/office (whatever you call it) i kept wondering which package i was gonna get. i arrived, the line was super short, short as in, i was next in line. after waiting for like a minute, i got this really crappy looking package. i rushed to the car and tore open the box. hehe...i forgot about those white foam thingies...it was all over the front seats. anyway, it was the nokia 5170 i bid on ebay like a month ago. i hope i get the other packages soon. this phone sucks! the phone case and battery are worn out and shit, and there are scratches everyway. the fucking seller said the phone is LIKE new. ugh...never trust the word "LIKE" on ebay. ugh! anyway...at least i can finally give my sister her LATE christmas present. hehe...sorry sis.

finally, it was four, time for intro to lit. pretty interesting class, talley made it seem like literature was a very important aspect of every college-goers life. and then she asked if anyone was planning on majoring in english. only one girl raised her hand, but then she said she was only minoring in it. its sad how no one finds english literature interesting anymore, or at least i dont find it interesting. the class seems easy; we get to watch videos and we are expected to watch two UOG productions and write an evaluation on both. cant wait to go. crap...ill need a date? anyone? anyone? hehe.

now im home, i should be studying for my quiz tomorrow for chem. im lazy. im watching mtv's true life: im a little person. gosh, its so sad. not that they are little, but how they live their lives. they have to go through so much just to get through sometimes. they dont deserve to go through so much. but they seem cool. my little sisters friend [suffers] from dwarfism. shes like 11 or something. shes really cool and shes an avid barbie fan...she has like every single barbie doll and accessory and whatever. shes happy. i dont know why im not. i really should be appreciative of what i have now. god im so pathetic. damn me. anyway, the shows almost over. i need to read chapter 7 for my quiz for chem. laters.

// so quiet another wasted night, the television steals the converstaion. exhale, another wasted breath, again it goes unnoticed. please send me anything but signals that are mixed cause I can't read your rolling eyes, out of touch are we out of time? //

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>>Tuesday, January 22.

    FUCK BLOGGER. i just finished writing a really really long post about how uog sucked and blogger wouldnt let me post b/c i wasnt signed on. FUCK FUCK FUCK. and they didnt even bother to save it for me! damn BLOGGER.

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>>Monday, January 21.

    one more day of break.
yay...so school doesnt start until wednesday. im so glad about that. tomorrow ill need to get books and supplies and clothes. i also need to sign up for one more class. wait...can i still sign up for a class? anyway. yeah...thats all.

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  "i have a dream..."

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  fuck jasc.
man, im super super pissed. im trying to get into my jasc paint shop pro software thingie and it wont let me. even when i change the date the damn box appears and says, "trial has been exceeded. please press either ORDER or QUIT." FUCK. now what am i supposed to use to make graphics? anyone have cracked versions or jasc or adobe? this sucks.

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>>Sunday, January 20.

    when does school start?
if anyone is reading this and is planning to attend spring semester at uog, can you please reply asap on when the first day of school starts? i need to prepare my books and stuff. i also need to sign up for another class. uog sucks. did you know that it is MANDATORY for all students to take COLLEGE SUCCESS SEMINAR??? for what? to learn how to go to college? fuck uog. fuck them for that class. fuck them for making that class mandatory. i need to get out of here. HELP.

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  *btw* the post office really sucks.
im mad. its been like 2 weeks and i havent gotten any of my shit yet. i really really hate the post office. actually its been like 2 months...i havent even gotten my package from unamerican.com and i remembered that i send the money order nov. 29th. unamerican.com sucks! the post office sucks. and my life is shit. goodnite.

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today sorta sucked. i woke up like around 9am, but went back to sleep. i woke up the second time at like 2pm. i remembered i had a psych group presentation at 3. i rushed online to find graphics for our presentation and shit like that. my mom was rushing to cook the lumpia b/c she too woke up late. i got ready and left home at like 3:30. i reached flora pago like around 4. thank god no one started on their presentations, everyone was just chilling and eating lunch. i went to jenny's house to meet and prepare. when i got there i felt really bad and guiltiy b/c i held back the group with my tardiness and shit. at her house we were glueing the images to popsicle sticks and stuff. and we were also preparing for our parts. jenny asked me for my addition on the report and i told her i didnt have one. i saw the disappointed and mad face she gave. i grabbed the keyboard and started typing shit off the top of my head. i feel really bad. anyway, we leave her house and go back to the pool area for our presentation and i see that the first group is up. damn. anyway, they were good, and so was the other group. it was time for our presentation, i felt we did a very good job. but i know for sure i screwed everything up during the q&a round. (as i usually do in everything.) finally the whole thing is over. we eat, we chill, we talk until 10. i left and went home. i got a call from tash earlier that evening to go out with them to masse. i waited at home until like 11 when i called tash and found out that the group was already at masse. i rush and get there like around 1130 or 12 or something. it was okay. i sat and smoked and met some of audreys friends. they were cool. we leave out of boredom and nane decides to drive around central guam. it was cool. now im at home. bored and cold.

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