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>>Friday, January 11.

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well, nevermind. i doubt anyone still goes to this page...except maybe for angie. i know you get bored at work. hehe. anyway. i just came from art class. well, like an hour ago, but anyway, arie and i were talking about stuff and about people's perspectives on who are gay. and they start talking about classmates and people who look gay. and i was mentioned. fuck. do i look gay? what about me is so gay? what can i change? its not like gay is a bad thing, but im not gay. fuck it. people can believe what they want. like arie said, its my porrogative. i think ill just go away and listen to my jimmy eat world cd.

// hey, don't write yourself off yet, it's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on. just try your best, try everything you can and don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away //

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>>Wednesday, January 9.

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IM SO LAZY. i havent updated my "journal" in a long time. damn me. anyway...what did i do today? hmm...well, i got to english class late again. and this time i was one hour late. what is wrong with me? anyway...i thought the professor would mind or something, but he said i was doing well with my work, so he didnt really care. i also got an A- for my first research paper. and he says he hardly does that. so yay! after that class, i went to my art class. whew...we went on a field trip. first it was to the isla center for the arts building right at uog. small and ugly from the outside, but its very cool inside. i especially loved the art works they displayed. the artists were all art professors in uog. so it was interesting. we then went to acanta mall to check out the gallery/shop. it was called AMH -- art made here. it was closed, so we just hanged out at jungle java. i saw lani and cj. hehe...lastly, i went to psychology. didnt really care for it -- like i said, im so lazy -- anyway, i took my quiz for chapter 5...and hehe...i got a 20/20. woohoo! i love open book quizzes. so anyway...i have to finish my STIPLING project for my studio for non majors class. i also have to finish my part of my group paper for psychology. wow. anyway. i finished signing up for my classes today. i went to the college of education building. i love their office. its just like any other office, but wow...smells good. espresso-ish. anyway. here are my classes for spring semester 2002:
     MA 203 -- basic calculus -- mon. to thurs. -- 11:00 to 12:15
     EN 210 -- intro to lit. -- tues. & thurs. -- 4:00 to 5:20
     CH 103 -- chemistry II -- mon., wed., & fri. -- 10:00 to 10:50
     CH 103L -- chemistry II lab -- fri -- 11:00 to 1:50
     CS 200 -- computer applications -- mon. & wed -- 2:00 to 3:50
     ES 101 -- engineering graphics -- tues. & thurs. -- 12:30 to 1:50
haha...wish me luck. ill definitely need it. im super lazy. i dont even know why im taking all these classes. fucken-ay!

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