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>>Saturday, January 5.

    weekends suck.
yes they do. well at least for me. weekends just delay the inevitable. no shit! ugh...i have a fucking english research paper due on monday. i havent even started; i dont even know what the hell is my topic. i hate english. fuck this shit. anyway...last nite was pretty cool. i went with rach and selena to adelup to watch some of the ignored bands. i wasnt really in the mood, i guess because i was just tired. i had classes that morning, so i guess i just wanted to go home and sleep. but since rach had no ride and i sorta kinda wanted to see some of the bands play, i went. ugh...i shouldve just stayed home. its not that the bands sucked or something, it was just that i wasnt really in the mood. some of the sets were kinda crappy-ish and some were kinda good. but thats just me. i guess im not into that whole punk or hardcore scene. i did bob my head a couple of times. so yeah. only because i actually new some of the songs. i think ill just stick to my crappy depressing music and stay home. anyway...sorry jeanie...hehe. i left when you were singing "poser girl." you guys were great tho. and congrats on your labret! ;) i think i wanna get that next. my eyebrow ring is getting a little boring now. =Þ hmm...rach? feel like goin to sinajana again? whatever. im gonna leave now. im still sleepy. and yeah. bye.

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>>Wednesday, January 2.

im super lazy. i dont like doing homework anymore. i really really think i have ADHD. hehe...and the weird part is im writing my english research paper on adhd. i dont know for sure what my topic is, but its on ADHD. anyway...i had to drop off the videos my sister rented at the video store. i couldnt help it but rent BLOW. i remembered tish told me it was a good movie. hehe...based on a true story...hmm. anyway the movie is about the life story of george jung, the man who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s. it was said that anyone who tried "blow" in the mid 70s and early 80s actually had some of jungs. heh. anyway. the movie was pretty alright. i think ted demme (the director) and johnny depp (george jung) did a pretty good job portraying jung and his story. but the funny thing is, the story was really framed on jung's relationship with his daughter, and how he ties his life with his past. it was good. id recommend this movie. hehe...and not just b/c they smoke a lot of "pot" and hit a lot of "blow," but whatever. its your money. i should get started on my homework. damn chang wants us to turn in our outlines and bibliography and thesis for our damn paper which is also due on monday. CRAP. whatever...and i also have psychology. damn exam is on friday!!! aah. i really should start reading. hehe...having done any yet. so yeah. until then. peace. happy 2002 again everybody.

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  my grades are officially in.
okay, i actually got my grades in like late december. around new years eve. anyway...yay. my grades still suck, but at least i dont have to worry about being on probation. im around borderline for my grades. i really dont care. i know i can pick it up. it just sucks that i got a C for chemistry. i mean, im happy i passed the class, but obviously not happy that i got a C. but then again, the students in his class usually get Ds or Fs...so yeah...i should be happy that i at least scored a little above average. anyway...enough of chemistry. now on to PSYCHOLOGY. aah! i got a quiz on chapter 11 in about 10 mins. so yeah...laters.

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>>Tuesday, January 1.

    so its a new year.
so what?! nah...lets try not to be negative this year. hmm...my new years eve was pretty alright. nothing too special. and nothing too crappy either. wow. anyway...heres what i did on new years eve up until new years morning. i ended my last class around 7pm. so i decided to go home. to my surprise, NO ONE was home. i decided to chill and watch tv before i left to rachels house. i watched that kgtf channel 12 ACB program. hehe...it was so fucking hilarious. haha...geeks rule! hah...specially that romel guy. hah...total dork. anyway...i got pretty bored watching tv and still no one was home. my family members didnt answer any of my pages or even left a message on the fridge or whatever. so i left like around 8 or 8:30. i was kinda scared to drive, especially b/c i keep hearing gun shots and my next-door neighbors decided to through little fire cracker thingies on the road. damn them. i eventually left and arrived at rachs. haha...when i got to the drive way. selena -- rachs friend -- was totally dead. she had like one wine cooler and is lying on the bed of her truck. haha...low tol. anyway...i decided to start my new years...i threw away my cigarette pack. and i grabbed a bacardi breezer. hehe...down it. smooth. we went into rachs house. she rented rush hour 2. it was cool. got half way through the movie and it was dinner time. we had rachel's mom's meatball soup and bread. it was good. we also had something like a mimosa to drink. but instead of orange juice it was like a mixture of orange and grape juice. very yummy. hehe..i prolly had like 3 or 4 glasses. totally smooth. i brought those little smoke bomb thingies...we were bored so we decided to light some and throw them into the street. not that fun. or that entertaining. but whatever. we chilled outside in the back of rachs house. had a couple more breezers and some screwdrivers. rach didnt want to bring out her blender to crush ice, so we just mixed the mai tai mix with some screwdrivers...whatever. it was still good. we also had ONE shot. hehe...tequilla! pretty funny. dont worry we took pictures. lots of pictures. rach hurry and develop them! it was like 11pm and my mom called my cell. she was bitching at me b/c i wasnt home yet. she told me she wanted me to be with them for new years. shoot...whatever...what about that whole youre not my son b/c you pierced your eyebrow bullshit? whatever. and if anything, i couldnt go home. rachs mom wouldnt let me leave. she wanted me to sleep over b/c she thought i was gone. whatever..i didnt even BUZZ yet. that was the crappy part. so i had this argument with my mom for like a couple of mins. she hung me up. so of course im not gonna bother to call. so...rach, selena, and i continued to drink and party. it was fun. i talked with tash and veronica. it was cool. anyway...there was like 2 mins to go until midnite. we (selena and i) decide to participate in rach's family tradition of the "champagne toast". hehe..i never participated in a "tradition". cool. so yeah...at about 12:01 we toasted. champagne's pretty cool. but since im not a drinker like that i had to add some juice. hehe...mimosas rule! im such a wuss. whatever. we drank some more and watched some more tv. i slept like around 2:30 or something. and i woke up at like 10. hehe...i had some coffee and headed home! when i arrived my mom saw me and just starred, but smiled and gave me a hug. she just misses me. i love my mom. hehe...whatever. i need to start on my homework for tomorrow. i just finished helping my dad set up the new tv and the dance dance revolution pad. hehe...it was fun. great exercise. hehe..what a good start for a good new year! later peoples.

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