i'm a dork.


>>Saturday, December 29.

    and the noble prize goes to...
...the guy who invented that RUBBER ERASER thingie! fuck yeah. art class sucks and i cant draw for shit. my professor thinks i draw and sketch TOO DARK. whatever. fuck him. i remembered that i had the rubber eraser i bought at standard office supply. and i saw a couple of my classmates using it to lighten their shades. well, yeah...b/c im such a biter, i decided to try it out! its so cool. it actually works. whatever...im buying myself a 10-pack of those for class. now i dont have to get picked on anymore for my crappy drawings! hell yeah!
(this is also an aries blogger. i just got the idea to add it today. whatever. im not biting her. right arie? we just hang out too much.)

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  the library.
hahah...guess what happened to me in the library today? i got locked in! well, sorta. i had a group meeting thingie for our psychology class. our group -- ariana, jenny, and i -- had to watch a movie and report on it. we had to answer the question, "what does it mean to be human?" through the movie hamlet. anyway. we decided to watch the video at the uog library. we were gonna go to the little video booth thingies and watch the movie, but the a/v guy told us we can just use one of the a/v rooms and watch our video there. well, we were there around 10:30am. and the library closes at 1pm. anyway...we decided to watch the movie and take breaks and shit to take notes and eat or smoke. well, we forgot all about the time and just watched the video. we were almost at the end of the movie...and the power goes off. the lights off and the tv and vcr off. we check the time and its 1pm. hehe...we walk out of the a/v room and check the front desk. haha...NO ONE was there. the library was completely empty. the lights were off, the doors were locked. we are freaking out! well, not really. we were actually laughing our asses off! anyway...we decide to call the campus security guy. he said he'll be at the library in like 1 min. anyway...we look at the doors to check if they were really CLOSED. and then we decided to TRY and open one of the doors. heheh...it OPENED. ha! anyway...we still waited inside b/c we still had our video in the vcr. and we didnt want to leave it there. the security guy comes in and starts telling us that we cant get the video b/c the power was out. not just in the library, but in mangilao. he then tells us that the campus has a back-up generator. we asked him if we can go to an office to plug the vcr and get our video. he tells us that the generator doesnt work. uh...okay. anyway...after like 10 mins of talking the power goes on, and we finally get our video. its all good. hehe...

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>>Thursday, December 27.

    i am super dumb.
its true. i got some of my grades today. and whoa...not what i expected. if you really want to know...nevermind. i still dont know what i got from chemistry. and i dont want to know! gosh...scary. anyway...most of my classes sucked today. totally sucked! english. we went to the library today. we had to go around and shit and learn how to use the library at UOG. ooh...like we're that stupid. they even had a pamphlet to pass out that said: "how to use the library..." what the fuck? whatever. shit. now i have homework. art. drawing sucks. we had to learn how to draw the nine shades of gray grid thing. the professor kept picking on me b/c i was SKETCHING. okay, first off what kind of paper are we using? its called SKETCH paper. doesnt that give me the right to SKETCH? so yeah...fuck you. anyway...he said i did an okay job. just as long as i covered the edges and shit. whatever. i already took this shit at ND. come on...sister rebecca gave me an A. okay?! we also had to draw and egg. the purpose was the to show three dimensions through the different shades of gray. i really didnt like my drawing, but i thought it was good enough. and my classmates also thought i did a pretty awesome job. but the damn professor thought i overshaded. whatever. his artwork sucks anyway. damn fucker. whatever. psychology. thanks nane for letting me borrow your books and stuff... hehe. this class is actually fun. its just super long and whatever. SUPER LONG. the professor actually goes over his time limit. damn him. but its alright. hes cool. hes mormon. he went to byu. haha. whatever. bye.

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>>Wednesday, December 26.

    new email message:
ugh! i got a B for english. crap. im so dumb.

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  free isnt necessarily free.
but those of you webpage peoples prolly already knew that. FUCK geocities. FUCK envy.nu! where the hell can i go to upload files and shit so that i cant link to this blogger site? huh? damn the internet. fuck!

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  fuck you. nevermind.
okay...i was trying to get into my blogger a couple mins ago and what happened?! i typed in my username and my password and somehow i had a "bad" password. okay...so who's trying to mess with my page NOW? whos not my friend NOW? come on! whatever...anyway...i did that whole password retrieval crap and yeah...im here. anyway...i came from my intersession classes. wow! they were fun. (that was supposed to be sarcastic.) i felt like such a geek in english class. i mean...maybe the only reason why i figured that whole MLA citing crap was because i had to LEARN it at ND. but whatever...it wasnt hard. it was actually fun...and awkward...you know...being the only one to raise his hand. (well, i wasnt the only one, but you catch my drift?) whatever. then i had my art class. ooh wow. nothing special. just art. i suck at drawing. but it was nice of that lady to say i did a wonderful job. whatever...it looked like crap. sorry mr. alcon. i tried my best. well, not really. after that art class i needed to go to the post office to send in a money order to "pjgirl" for my motorola startac organizer bid. hehe. im such an addict. right before my psychology class, i went to the computer lab to bid on another phone. ugh...i just won a motorola v2260. haha...im so crazy. now i gotta go to the post office again to send more money orders. someone help me!!! im addicted to ebay. who cares?! anyway...then onto psychology. it was a pretty interesting class. honestly. never thought EVERYONE in class would be interested. and i got to meet most of my classmates. hehe...so yeah. and i did pretty well on my quiz. i mean even though the professor was giving us an automatic 20/20 on our quiz. i thought i did well with an 18/20. so yeah. now ill have to read the next chapter so i can prepare for my next quiz...TOMORROW. ha! shit. intersession classes suck. everyday. damn...

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>>Tuesday, December 25.

    A message from HERMMY PSYCHO:
um now let me see lines of weirdness from hermmy psycho:
1. When you catch two female dogs looking at each other wantingly they you know they are gay.
2. When you scratch your ass you know that you got an itch.
3. When you go cow tipping you are "home, home on the range".
4. Imported beer smells like hermmy's ass -- very, very bad.
5. DSL is LSD backwards.
6. "Come on baby, lite my fire" is a pick up line if you are totally horny. (God, I wish certain people would "light my fire".)
7. Fish stinks so if your breath smells like fish you need to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth brush them again and chew on a couple altoids.
8. When you are a fur trader you are very very lez. Ahem to certain people.
9. Daniels email address is his name spelled backwards on both addresses (ovlacleinad) (ohcamacleinad) HUH
10. 56 K models fucking suck so bad that well hold up they just fucking suck
11. In Guam we don't wear grass skirts and coconut shell bras to our proms (haole people like me think so)
12. My hair is pink not orange, not not red but pink.
13. Junjies hair needed to stay fucken long!
14. Eyebrow rings shouldn't be as big as
junjies is (dumb lady).
15. Being fat does not mean you eat alot of meat.
16. If you are a lesbian and you have long nails then you are definitely single!
17. Lez vamps feed once a month. Get it?
18. I look stupid when ever jun takes my picture (ahem stupid as in fat and drunk)(BECAUSE ITS TRUE -- junjie said that.)
19. Why do close minded people always open their mouths?
20. Lets get this straight I'm not. (personal statement)
21. If you go to a britney spears concert you are obviously really really gay and you want her.
22. Wax is in your ears not in poems. (Le read this.)
23. I have a tattoo I want one on my ass.
24. Burning CD's is cheaper than buying them. (Junjie says: FUCK YEAH.)
25. Why do we comb our hair it just gets fucken messy anyways? (RIGHT DANIEL?)
26. When you have BO (body odor) that means not only do you fucking stink and need to take a shower it also means you don't wear deoderant.
28. Xmas really means Christmas (without the christ)
29. When you read books about psycho killers you usually are psycho yourself (hermmy is psycho) -- my namesake right here
30. In the circle of life humans are the fuckers.
31. When you smoke weed and you don't inhale and your high anyways then damn I don't know what the hells wrong with you (AHEM...KAZ!)
32. It's in. It's out. It's over. It's so coed naked (hello it's pretty sick)
33. Certain people smell really different -- not bad different, but food different.
34. I'm drunk right now!
35. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thats amore!"
36. Junjie is eating white people food.
37. We're eating on the kiddie table and rachel is still drunk.
38. When your house is dirty don't fucken stand arround and complain about it for a month or two, fucken clean it.
39. Why did I fucken put this after the eating part? (I DONT KNOW RACHEL, WHY?)
40. When you smoke try not singing on someones face, please. (how sweet?!)
41. If you stand behind a cows ass with a lighter then well you are just plain fucken stupid (hello everyones fart is flammable)
41a. Whats the difference between flammable and inflammable? (What Junjie?) They're supposed to be the same.
42. Aaron Lewis from Staind has some major issues. (but he's not psycho he's cool)
43. Why do boy bands always sing about themselves? (e.g. Its gonna gonna gonna be me?, I want it that way.)
44. Why do spanish teachers talk in english (or any other foreign language teachers for that matter)?
45. Now finding out your gay can't suck why do people think that it sucks?
46. When certain chicks say they like to eat that does not mean to take them out to a restauraunt for dinner!
47. McDonalds hamburgers at JP Duty Free fucken suck (their buns are hard hehehe.)
48. Why do certain people wear sun glasses at night? (are they really really blind and need that fucken dog or what?)
49. I am a girl by the way. (really Rachel?)
50. Just very strange.
51. Why do people cross their eyes when it makes them look like a fucken stupid retareded idiot that look like their eyes really got stuck like that?
52. Why do big breasted people get implants (dammit Pam)
53. Why do we watch porn when god says it sinful?
54. Why do we spell things by the way they look not by the way they sound?
55. The rock has a very big (ahem) dosent he take steroids. Hello they make his package shrink right?
56. When chicks mud wrestle (well that speaks for itself).
57. Dosen't Stone Cold ever get drunk from all the beer he's supposed to drink (god what a retard)?
58. Do gay guys who do it in the back of their cars have room?
59. What if someone farted in the middle of an anal? (ill) -- just a thought though.
60. "Well I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body." (hehehehe)
61. Why do most babies come out bald?
62. My mom almost read "what if someone farted in the middle of an anal..."
63. Why do people stare and laugh when they see any type of animal doing it is it supposed to be a joyous celebration (junjie said that when you go to a zoo that what your supposed to do. "No I didnt!" -- Junjie. "LIAR!" -- Rachel.)
64. Why do gay guys look at porn with girls? (the only ones video stores rent out i guess)
65. I just farted.
66. What the fuck is a plethora?
67. Is that some sort of female genetalia?
68. Why do people dig in their noses when they know that they have more boogers than they can pick?
69. Why do people wear drunk monkey shirts (it's like monkeys get drunk hello)?
70. If I had a child I'd name it Plethora.
71. Truth I like to flick people off due to people need a little fingering once and a while.
72. Drinking kills. No it dosent, thats only what your parents tell you because they are alcoholics.
73. Why do white boys join frats?
74. So I bitch when my printer runs out of ink, don't we all?
75. Why join the military to be told what to do, when you can join the military to get drunk.
76. When I grow up I want to be a supermodel!
77. Why did Napster come along in the first place when they obviously knew they were gonna get sewed by Metallica?
78. When we eat dinner at the table why do some fucken neo-nazi people think that elbows are illegal?
Last ones...
[Serious ones]
Why do we never say I love you till it's to late?
Why do our hearts lie like that?
Why do people think that we don't love them and constantly flirt with us (when we truly do have feelings)?
Why do we lose minds over one single person?
Why when you kiss any person do you want to be with them constantly?
Why do certain like tai-chi?
Do they need help reaching their chi?
I can help them reach their chi...in another way.
Thanx every one who actually reads all of this. I just wanna say Merry FUCKEN Christmas and a Happy GODDAMN New Year.


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(not that im trying to sound HAPPY.) hehe. just playin. i cant sleep, as usual. so im just wishing everyone on island and off a merry christmas. now i gotta try and sleep. i have to go to mass tomorrow. what joy. anyway...yeah...bye.

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>>Monday, December 24.

    how interesting...
heh...okay. today was my first day of classes for winter intersession. it was okay. interesting day tho...i hope i dont have one of those days in the later weeks. gas would be a bitch! heh...well, im too lazy to write so read about it in ariana's blogger entry -- oh what a day.

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  first impressions.
dammit. i had to wake up late, didnt i? gosh...i hate this "first day of school" shit. i woke up at 9:00am. my class was at 9:00am. so i rushed to get ready, lucky thing all my clothes and shit were ready. so i left my house, got to school around 9:35am. i walked around the EC building...went to room 103. no one was there. lights were off. seats were empty. i decided to ditch and go home. then ariana calls me around 10:00am while im on the road on my way home. she told me that prof. chang decided to switch rooms. ugh! dammit! i also heard that prof. chang grades on attendance and shit. oops...i guess thats one point off. there goes my first impressions! fuck me! anyway...i guess i gotta get ready for my next class. studio for non-majors. yay! art! (that was supposed to sound sarcastic.) anyway...laters...

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  one more day...
...till christmas. yay! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE everyone!

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>>Sunday, December 23.

    just a LOSER.
ugh! its almost midnite and i cant sleep. i have my first class at 9:00am. i have to get up like an hour earlier so i can get ready and shit and so that i can leave early...since i live in agat. dammit uog! anyway, im actually prepared. hehe...my car's washed and vacuumed and shit. i also bought and prepared my books. and i know what im wearing. hehe. all i need to do now is sleep. ugh! and that i cant do. why am i even bothering? like rach said, "...its just U.O.G." im just a LOSER. whatever. anyway. i need to sleep. bye.

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okay so blogger works. yay! i went around with rach and her friend selena today. nothing special...just went around tumon and shit. and then visited onward beach hotel b/c nd's having its christmas dance. we went there around 7:30. totally empty. sad! but it should be cool later. mdma's playin. whoo. you can still go if you want to know...and btw...tickets are $7.00. party harty. bye.

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  now what?!
shit...i wanted to add another address to my linkage section. but damn blogger isnt working right now. ugh! hehe...even arie's having a hard time trying to set up her template. too bad. damn bloody blogger! ugh! hehe...i need to go to nane's to get her psychology book. woo...i have classes tomorrow. whatever. i hope this blogger fucker thing works soon. i need to fix something.

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