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>>Saturday, December 22.

    i have no father.
remember how i posted on my "good news" section, that my parents didnt care about my eyebrow piercing? well, i THOUGHT they saw it, but they didnt. and now that my dad saw it, he's pissed. it happened just like in the movies, but with no background music. my dad saw it, then did that double look thing...and then froze. 10 seconds later, his eyes grow and his veins were like pertruding from his sockets...he walked over to me and said, "you're not my son. get out of my house." i answered back and ugh! goddamn filipinos. too much drama. just because i pierced my fucking eyebrow. sheesh. well, anyway...he thinks that because i did this, im gonna be some delinquent drinking and doing drugs. uh...dad...too late. i did it in high school. no fucken biggie. well, i dont really know if he really wants me out of the house, but he definitely doesnt think i deserved his family name. whatever...i think people in my family would WANT me to keep the name. gawd...my cousins and aunts keep telling me that b/c of me and my so-called high school success, they are proud that i share their name. so dad, if you think i dont deserved it, fine. fuck you. im goin to the superior court on monday to change my last name to my mom's maiden. from then ill be junjie constantino. wooptie! until then...i hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS. too late for me.

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  more complaints.
ugh...i went to kmart to go buy my school supplies. yes...school supplies. i start intersession classes on monday. but theres supposed to be a typhoon coming around that day. typhoon faxai. school supplies are so fucking expensive! dammit...for two 1" binders and binder paper, it was almost $10. ugh...whatever. but i used that self-check-out thingie. pretty cool. i then went to ross. (dumb idea.) the store was like practically empty. everything was bought...hehe...last minute christmas gifts. anyway...i need clothes! guam sucks. theres no where to go to buy clothes. wait...to buy guys clothing. wait...to buy FAT guys clothing. shit! i also went to the mall, i needed to get a smaller barbell thingie for my eyebrow piercing, but they dont have any. fuck guam. guam sucks. i need to get out of here. anyway, i was talking to my friend rochelle, whos in san fran right now. she told me she got me a fcuk shirt. cool. hehe...i wanted one. i was gonna order one online, but GUAM is INTERNATIONAL and they dont ship international...ugh! fuck guam. anyway, fcuk is like a brand...stands for french connection united kingdom. the name kinda sounds girlie-ish...but the abbreviated name is pretty cool. so yeah. FCUK YOU. GO AWAY.

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okay, im watching channel 12 right now, and its the academic challenge bowl game. it was an interesting show...why? well, first off, the moderator, was kinda...slow. she also had a problem reading the questions. no offense, but dont they interview and pre-screen the moderators to see if they are good enough to be on tv? she looks cool and all, but ugh...she stutters too much. its annoying. i can see the jfk students' faces get all red and confused when she reads a question. also, on the first round, all the students from jfk knew all the answers even before the 2nd or 3rd word for every question was asked. hmm...can you say fixed??? or are they just super intelligent? i mean come one, there were like 30 questions on that first round, and i didnt even know the questions, the freaking moderator was like on her first couple words and then -- buzz -- the buzzers go off. wow. great show. kinda annoying, but hella interesting. im such a geek.

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>>Friday, December 21.

    ive got some good news for ya.
so arie's my friend now. well, i did read it on her site, so ill take her post for it. heh. i told you it was silly. anyway, tonites supposed to be the big nite. everyones back home and we are gonna party harty all nite long. well, im not sure i will. im so fucking sleepy. and hungry. dammit. guam sucks. anyway...more great news! my parents dont give a shit that i got my eyebrow pierced! hehe... [wipes sweat off forehead] ugh...and i wasted all that time trying to sneak in late at nite. gosh...silly me! anyway...my eyebrow itches. im gonna clean it and then sleep. wake me up before the party! bye.

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  all my fault.
this is strictly for arie: what happened to all this talk about a new start and about how you are trying to mature? im tired all this blaming me bullshit. arie, please. i HONESTLY did not post shit on your blogger. okay?! as much as i may want to, i didnt. like i said, i dont do shit like that to friends. i thought that when you called my phone, you were actually gonna start talking to me and shit, b/c when you replied to my page, it was super quick. im sorry im such a computer geek, but that doesnt give you the right to point straight at me for all these nonsense remarks about you. i would never ever do that. gawd...i may be some super geek hacker or whatever, but i wouldnt even dare touch your blogger. i really did want to help you fix it up and shit. i even made some graphics to add on your page. i created those square graphics to put on our new "3 stooges" blog or whatever it is you wanted to call it. there were honestly no hostile intentions. god, this is so stupid. not once did i ever call you a bitch, nor do i ever say bitch. read my damn blogs and compare it to the ones on your site. they are obviously not mine. you know, i really enjoyed your friendship, and i thought it wouldve lasted longer. i only signed up for these intersession classes, so i can hang out with you more. but its obviously not gonna happen. i apologize for that "shitlist" remark, i didnt know you wouldve re-enlist your friends. but i thought that mike and jackie thing was super serious. i mean, they even thought you were acting silly for not talking to them. well? what happened to "thanks junjie, i can trust you." or "yeah, youre the only one who im letting drive my car!" or "youre my music guru, can you burn me another cd?" i really expected something from you. i was wrong. this sucks. im the kind of person that lets people step all over him. my weakness: trying to please everyone before myself. and if that makes me pessimistic and a low-self-esteemer, then so be it. thats me. i dont have many friends, but i usually keep the ones i have. now i lost one. this is truly stupid. and if these words dont affect you, then i dont know what will. im so sad. im so fucking pathetic. ugh! forget it.

// i guess we've had our fun but it seems the fun is over now and that's all right...time for me to move along and after all is said and done, i'll be all right...tell me something that's sure to break my heart 'cause everything's my fault and i know i deserve to be alone...here we go again unsuccessful to make amends and that's all right...i've tried as hard as i can but i can't seem to understand and it's all right...i guess it's over now your honesty has all run out but that's all right...i just can't seem to see how the hell you can make believe that's it's all right and it's all right // -- fenix tx. (thanks rach for letting me listen to that cd. i forgot i even had that on my car. i needed it!)

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  guess what folks?
okay, so nothing much. rachel's back and shes not even tired. that fucker called me up like 10 hours after she arrived. we hanged out, checked all the "new" shit on guam. (nothing really new or worth seeing.) ate dinner with her family and got my eyebrow pierced. heh. yeah. my parents dont know yet, but they will definitely see it in the morning. theyll have to see it, its so fucking obvious. just because i have a fucking fat eyebrow, i had to get like a 14 gauge or something, and the barbell was like half an inch long. well, yeah...its super long and the damn rod still shows. whatever. who cares. i finally got one. thanks rach! what else did we do tonite? oh, nane, tash, tina, and kiks wanted to watch "not another teen movie", so we all met at the megaplex. but damn punks decided to come 10 mins late, so yeah...we just kicked back at casa. it was alright. nothing special. then, i took rach to chameleon because joyride was playing, but right when we got into the club, the band ended their set, so we left. we then decided to go to the airport, b/c she thought her friend was arriving tonite. we stayed there for exactly one hour, and NOPE her friend did not arrive. but it was cool. i got my eyebrow pierced! =Þ

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>>Thursday, December 20.

    theres another one...and another one...
so i got a phone call from arie. she sounds like she goin psycho! okay, class, who wrote shit on arie's blogspot? who? come on. tell the truth. okay, ill turn off the lights, and the person who did it, will come up to the front of the class leave a note saying he or she did it. okay? deal. [lights go off, 5 mins later, lights on] okay, so the person who did it is...

...definitely NOT junjie!

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  who's barry bostwick?
(he's that guy in spin city -- the mayor. right?) hehe...that commercial's pretty funny. well, not really. anyway, i tried that new pepsi twist drink. wow. it was pretty cool, taste good too...aah! refreshing! hehe.

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  let me clear my throat...oh!
okay, i received a message on my voice mail. it was kinda interesting. it was arie. at first i thought this whole "no-friend-incident" was gonna be over and that she wanted to hang out, but NO, she was bitching and talking shit to me. why? because she "assumes" that i posted shit on her blogspot. okay, arie, i do know your password, you did give me the password, but NO i didnt go into it and write shit about you. like i said, I DONT DO SHIT LIKE THAT TO FRIENDS. im NOT like that. okay? i actually forgot about all this shit. im over this. this is silly. if you are gonna completely erase me from you friends list, then why should i even bother. im not gonna be on it again! its so like you; if someone's on your shit list, that person is gonna be there forever. case point: jeff, jackie, mike...and now lynes, nickie, and i are all in your shit list. wow. if anything, why dont you just delete the damn message. go to your blogspot, click on edit, select all, and hit the delete key! im sorry, but...ugh! this is the end, my "friend".

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i just wanted to welcome all those mainlanders back on island. hope yall have a great time getting wasted and forgetting all your shit before you go back to school. so yeah...whats the plan for friday nite? rach when are you gonna take me to get my brow pierced? hehe.

new old layout. yeah, thats right. heh. i just did some minor alterations to this page. i took out the photos section and the who's junG? section. i thought those were just wasted space, you know...you people know me already, right? you know how i look. anyway...enjoy.

check this out: i was bored. i signed up for another email addy, which im not gonna use, but i got this link from the site. its one of those sites that sell "stupid phrases" shirts...you know...kinda like hot topic's shirts. but underground or whatever. anyway...check it out. get some shirts! i ordered the "i commited suicide" shirt. thought it would be interesting to wear in my psychology class. =Þ

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>>Wednesday, December 19.

    schools out for...
...christmas. heeyah...no more exams. finally, im stress free! nevermind, i cant be stress free. i have classes next week. and i dont know if i still have a friend. supposedly my little speeches arent working. i guess i have a thing or two to learn in psychology this intersession. anyway...nothing else to say...im gonna go. bye.

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  listen to mary dammit.
mary j. blige's new philosophy is to have "no more drama in our lives." and god know how much drama ive had -- if youve been keeping track of my blogs. well, theres a new addition tonite. and the weird part was that the "incident" wasnt even intended. its all just "ironic" as arie puts it. anyway, since im the "poignant" one, i guess this blog will be long and detailed? maybe...we'll see. anyway, the whole thing started when i came home after my engineering exam. i fucking bombed that damn exam! anyway...i sign on to msn -- as i usually do. and who's online? the typical messenger geeks...including arie and lynes. i say my hi's and hello's to them, actually i say "hafa" as i do with everyone on messenger. i jokingly IMed arie with "whats so special about this day?" (her display name said: ...oh what a special day...) she obviously gets pissed because she thought that i forgot it was her birthday, but i only did it as a joke! hello...sarcasm! anyway, then i say: "just playin" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". shes content. anyway...arie thought we should all do something for her birthday, like watch a movie. i didnt really want to because i had an exam the next day (which is today -- in 8 hours) and i also had a paper i needed to finish, because it was already pass due date. but since it was her birthday and all, i decided to tag along. i would never piss off a friend on purpose. (maybe by accident, sorry nickie) im not like that. so as the "pessimistic" person that am i, i tell them to decide, ill just tag along and try to enjoy the nite. arie cant decide and neither can we, but arie pressures us to pick a movie. no one has a newspaper so it was even more difficult to find the movie schedule let along the movies that are actually showing. i ditch the comp for like a couple minutes to call the showtime hotline at the megaplex and at the mall...when i arrive, they were both talking about how they dont know what movie to decide. i post the showtimes. we finally decide on not another teen movie. oh, and it had to be at the megaplex, because arie hates goin to the mall. and thats okay with me, because im from agat, and i dont enjoy driving that far, also because its aries birthday and i dont want to piss off the birthday girl. (heh...too late) the actual problem was finding a ride. the weird part is that we all drive and we all had a car, but we all wanted to carpool. the hard part was finding a driver and a car. i usually offer, but not today only because my tires are crapass...and gas is a huge issue, especially from someone coming from agat and driving to mangilao and then to tamuning. same with lynes, who lives in dededo, goin down to mangilao then to tamuning and back. and arie driving was out of the question, because arie's the birthday girl and birthday girls dont drive on their "special" day. anyway...because lynes and i didnt feel like offering our cars, arie left the conversation and logged off messenger. she also didnt answer any of our pages or phone calls. i dont want to be hypocritical, but ditching a conversation, not confronting a problem is definitely an immature thing. i may be 18 years old, but only for 5 months -- im not a total adult, i dont vote, i dont work, i have no responsibility...only to myself. youve only been 18 years old for 24 hours. come on...dont start calling people immature and shit, you dont have that right. no one does...then again, its your decision. but i disagree. i really hope that you have not completely omitted me from your friends list, because i will be seeing you this whole christmas break. i have you for 3 classes, all day, everyday, 5 days a week, for a whole month. sorry to say, but its gonna be hard for you to completely ignore me. i will be the hemorrhage in your ass that will not go away, well, not for a month. so yeah, think about it. please. and if i dont get a reply to this post anytime this week, ill definitely ask you next week when i see your for english comp. that was definitely long. good nite. or morning. whichever.

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>>Tuesday, December 18.

    happy birthday arie...
...you webpage-biting, html-cut-and-pasting punk-it! heh...just playin. youre finally 18. now you can legally go out and sell porn (here on guam, and some states). ill send you the playboy playmates application. =Þ

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>>Monday, December 17.

    more trouble.
guess what happened to me this morning? okay...here goes. i had a chem exam at 10:00am. i woke up at around 8:45 to get ready and leave for school. i remembered that since my car had a flat, i was borrowing my uncle's car. he dropped his car early in the morning before he left for work, and he gave my dad the key. my dad left to go to tumon to get my van. but he also took my uncle's key with him!!! btw i live in agat...for those of you who dont know guam...its on the other side of tumon...like 20 miles or something. anyway...it was already 9:30, and im just sitting in my house freaking out...what the hell am i supposed to do? its now 9:45...im fucking freaking out -- im going psycho! ask my neighbors...i bet they were annoyed. i kept screaming and throwing shit around the house. i kept paging my dad, i called my mom, i called my uncle. ugh! i was acting like some 10 year old kid bitching about not being able to go to disneyland...but this is my exam...and its my chem exam. super super important! anyway...my dad arrives at home like around 10:10...im fucking bitching at him...talking shit to him...i grab the key and drive away...ugh...anyway...i made it to my chem class...it was like 10:45 or something...so it was pretty obvious i was late. this was also a timed test, so yeah...i had to rush. when my professor gave us the 20 min warning...i just guessed on the last 15 questions. fuck me. im so lazy. im so unlucky. im so sad.

but... my day later turned from crap-ass to super fun. i had my precal class next at 2:00pm. its always a kick to go to my precal class. all my classmates are such geeks and they are so proud. i walk into class...and everyone is like practically partying and laughing and joking around...i dont know why? i wonder why? b/c we were also taking our final that same time...but whatever...it was cool. the exam was easy. i love math. geek pride.

so another day ends... and another crappy one begins. i have my engineering exam tomorrow. i think i will do well, i didnt study until the day of my midterm and i got an A+ so yeah...i think ill do well for this. wish me luck! laters.

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  a waste of MY time.
why study? nothing actually changes, you just waste your time thinking youre gonna know more. ugh...then again, im just NOW studying. ugh...i hate being lazy. i really need to see a doctor. i really think i have attention deficit disorder or something. i have 5 hours until class, and im up online again talkin to people on messenger and shit. fuck this. man...im so lazy. schools just not working out for me. im gonna drop out. just die fat and lazy. i hate myself. shit.

why do bad things happen to good people? why did i just ask that? well, i believe im a good person, so why do two of my tires have to go flat? dammit!! and theres only ONE fucking spare! what the fuck am i supposed to do?! huh? shit!

on a happier note... arie has a new blogspot, heres the link... tell me if you see a similarity between her page and mine...even on the requirements tag. and just for arie's sake, she didnt steal my webpage. its not even my webpage, its one of those templates you can customize. you see? so yeah. im not gonna talk shit about arie or whatever. i dont do that. but she DOES have the same webpage as i do. but whatever...i dont care anymore. im just gonna keep on typing shit about myself and telling you people about how much i hate school. ugh. i wanna die...NOW!!!

// i need you to show me the way from crazy / i want to be so much more than this / but no one cares / this is my sundown / goodbye, i'll be fine / good good bye / good good night // -- jimmy eat world.

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>>Sunday, December 16.

    im so fucking lazy.
gawd...damn...im so lazy. its sunday, and i have exams on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. im sitting here in front of the comp, editing this shit, and bidding on ebay. im watching the real world marathon, and falling asleep. i told myself to study this weekend, but no! i just had to go out again, party and smoke. ugh...stupid lazy dumbass! someone gimme some ritalin. rach..hurry and come home...i need some ritalin. ugh! im gonna fail those exams. fuck this shit. FUCK!

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