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>>Friday, December 14.

gbook.nu is up and working! yay! then again, no one ever signs my guestbooks. or at least visits my site for that matter! anyway...school still sucks. i bombed my engineering presentation. i definitely failed that chem lab exam. yeah...there goes my merit award...ill be on the probation list next semester! heh. i have exams next week, everyday from monday to wednesday, then i start classes again next week monday! damn...im such a geek.

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>>Thursday, December 13.

    english still sucks...
okay so my supposed plan of waking up at 1am backfired. i slept at 8pm and woke up at 7 in the morning!!! so i had to do my crapass english essay from that until 10. well, since i suck at writing essays, i finished (sorta) at 11. i had to get ready and drive up to class. ugh!!! i was late, of course. i came in at 11:40. hehe. so yeah...english still sucks. procrastination sucks. but thats all im good for. um...yeah...until then.

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>>Wednesday, December 12.

    it's like whoa!
dude, i dont know if its just me, but this morning there were like bula cops. i swear, i thought i saw like almost 20...and this is from 9:00am on my way to school until 12 when i went to guamcell. there were like groups of cops in every corner and pass every intersection there would be an accident. there was also this one car being pulled over by 3 cop cars!!! whats goin on? forreals?! this is like some sort of freakish sci-fi movie. invasion of the police cars! it was weird. everytime i would decide to go faster, a cop on the oncoming lane would make a u-turn, but instead pull someone over. damn...today was weird. weird!!!

oh...btw...my phone's broken again. fuck guamcell. so yeah...goodbye. im gonna go sleep. wake up at 1am...then do my essays for english until class starts. laters...

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>>Tuesday, December 11.

too bad! theres no more fuali.com, meaning no one can take anymore of those inaccurate and dumbass online tests. shucks! i guess its back to thespark.com. hehe...goodbye.

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  happy birthday uncle ken!
thats all. hehe...its not like anyone in my famiy is gonna read this. (internet illiterates.)

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  gimme some ritalin.
i think i have attention deficit disorder. honestly. i usually like to prepare myself before i actually do work. i was always chosen as the leader and/or most creative person of a group. but lately, all ive been doing is watching tv, smoking, and not giving a shit about homework. last week including today, ive skipped two chem classes (ive never skipped a class in my entire life), i purposely came to precal class 20 mins late, i missed homework for english and precal, and didnt even give a shit about failing my chem exam #4 (i would usually dwell on this kind of mistake for a month). what is wrong with me? could it be that i have a.d.d.? am i just being lazy? could it be ariana? there is no common link to any of the first two reasons, but ive been hanging out with ariana a lot these past two weeks. hmm...so could it be? have i acquired ariana's negative attitude of school? i dont know. i dont care. i just want this week to be over. and i just want my english essay to be finished by tomorrow morning. my life sux. hmm...oh suicide god, answer my call. please?!

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>>Monday, December 10.

    why does school suck?
will someone please remind me why im still going to school? school sucks. UOG sucks. damn people in the business office are so LOST. i mean, no offense to those who know any of them, but damn...i was told that my intersession classes were being paid for, but none of the people in the business office new that. they kept telling me that my award doesnt cover any of that shit. ugh...maybe they are lost, maybe they arent...maybe its the damn financial aid office's fault for not posting new information and shit for the awards. ugh!!! i had to walk back and forth like 3 times (its not that far, but come on...im fat.), i had to miss my chem class, and i was late for my precal class. STRESS FUCKING KILLS...im gonna die soon...of stress...not lung cancer!!! DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT!!!

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>>Sunday, December 9.

    i should be concentrating dammit! ugh...why am i such a procrastinator??? this whole weekend, i sat on my ass in front of the comp typing this shit and making this crap ass page. ugh...stupid stupid stupid! ugh. okay...i need to smoke. bye.

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  weekends suck arse.
what'd i do today? NOTHING! well, watch tv and rent videos. or actually. i rented a video. i rented freddy got fingered. it was a funny movie, but im sorry...what was the point of the movie? there was no plot...and even if you believe there was one, it was pretty short to fulfill all the necessary features of a basic plot. okay? what did i just say...ugh...school sucks. but um...yeah. im gonna go now and watch comedy central's insomniac with dave attell. peace out.

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