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>>Saturday, December 8.

    i cant sleep. help!
so i decided to take some online tests at fuali.com. it was pretty interesting...see below.

I AM 49% EMO. not quite emo. hmm.. i suggest i stopped listening to dashboard confessional.... enough said... now that i stopped looking at my shoes, i know how the real world looks. (um...i dont own a pair of chuck taylors.)

I AM 37% GEEK. i probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. i never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. but i have friends, and this is a good thing.

I AM 55% ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET. i am pretty addicted, but there is hope. i think i'm just well connected to the internet and technology, but it's really a start of a drug-like addiction. i must act now! unplug this computer!

im so sad. all these friggin tests make me seem as if im some sort of poser. well, maybe i am. whatever. later.

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  yay...i went out tonite. but...my nite kinda sucked, then again, when do i ever have fun. i met with tash, nane, and kiks then went "club hopping". we started at club chameleon -- it was dead, so we went to lights. parking was a bitch. lights was kinda happening, but it was a bunch of old people. renaissance was awesome. we got bored, so we left to check out 'n the zone -- all the pool tables were occupied. we left. drove around tamuning and tumon, then stopped at club chameleon once again. we stayed this time and just chilled. we needed cigarettes, so i offered to drive to 7-11. when i came back, the bouncers wouldnt let people in. at first i thought they were packed or something, but there was some fight. and i heard it was a huge riot...blood and shit. finally i got in, and the girls wanted to leave. so yeah...CRAP! anyway...im sitting here in front of the screen, typing this shit and watching newsradio on the A&E channel. wooptie!

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>>Friday, December 7.

    uh...nevermind. my dentist was in a rush and he had a meeting to go to, so my appointment is moved to 2:30PM. yay! i have time.
i added a new guestbook because gbook.nu really really sucks. but i kept the gbook link up, just in case it decides to work. later.

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  MORNING! shit...i gotta get ready, i have a dental appointment in 5 mins. thank goodness the office is in agat! =Þ

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  okay...i cant sleep. this sucks. ive spent 8 hours on the same chair facing the same computer screen trying to set up this webpage. im so fucking hooked. well, you know...its all about perfection. im just trying to make this webpage look "good." i guess im gonna go sleep soon.
tomorrow afternoon is the procession for santa marian kamalen. should i go? im super lazy. who should i walk with? i dont feel like walking with the students from nd. anyway...we'll see.
i need to call my engineering classmates and set up a group meeting. we have a project due next week friday...and we havent started working on our presentation, well...i havent started. i cant fail dammit! ugh! anyway...enjoy my work on this webpage...ill put up more shit...and maybe a pic of me...if i can find one.

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>>Thursday, December 6.

    okay, i added a guestbook. but you cant sign, supposedly the damn server is [currently disabled], but when it works... sign.

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  okay. this is my very first blog...and its gonna suck. i dont have any thing to say. no new interesting news as of yet. but yeah...im looking for a host for my webpage. so if anyone knows of any...email me.

oh...sorry bout the site, the html is kinda complicated...if anyone wants to help, im considering.

but its pretty cool...on the right...on customize...you can increase or decrease the fonts on this site by clicking on the + or - buttons. and you can also change the font to verdana, times new roman, or arial. plus...the webpage automatically changes its background color. trippy, eh?

shoot balut.

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